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2008 - 2009 Youth Arts Awards

911 Media Arts Center
A third-year program will offer a series of multimedia intensives led by four artists for 12 at-risk youth in the South Park Late Night Teen Program. The students will design, produce and showcase animation, Super 8 film, circuit bending and game design.
American Asian Performing Arts Theater
A year-long traditional arts program led by two master dancer/choreographers will offer dance lessons from different regions of China and adjacent countries for 30 new and continuing immigrant teens. The lessons culminate in three public performances.
Arts Corps
A winter-quarter series of multi-disciplinary arts classes serving 250 youth, in collaboration with schools, service agencies and community centers, targeting underserved neighborhoods. The series culminates in a public showcase.
An eight-week, after-school series in mural design, painting and installation for eight adjudicated/at-risk youth. Students will study the American quilt tradition, then each create their own design to incorporate into a large "quilt" mural that they will paint and install in the Urban Arts Corridor in Sodo.
Coyote Central
A year-long, continuing program offers 440 youth sessions in multi-arts study to master skills and techniques of each art form. The sessions are held in professional artists studios or work spaces.
El Centro de la Raza
A summer program offers filmmaking sessions incorporating the social-justice mission of El Centro de la Raza into an original work by 10 Latino-Hispanic youth. The program culminates in a television screening on "HipHop 101."
Intiman Theatre
Fourteen youth will create an original production based on All the King's Men as part of an after-school, cross-city school exchange between Roosevelt and Cleveland high schools. The students will explore socio-economic differences through performances and post-play discussions.
Jack Straw Productions
Eight blind or visually-impaired high school youth will work with a team of artists and producers to create audio art using accessible technology. Students will participate in a summer intensive followed by individualized mentorships, workshops and projects, including recording an interview with blind musician/engineer and role model Todd Houghton. Work will be showcased on radio, Web and podcast.
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center
Professional artists will lead 85 diverse youth through the development of a musical production during an intensive, summer musical theater training series. The production will reflect cultural content and relate to the everyday lives of young people.
Live Girls! Theater
A collaboration with the organization Powerful Voices, this eight-month workshop encourages 15 teen girls to seek out positive female role models and learn to express themselves effectively. The workshop focuses on research, scriptwriting and presentation of an original script in a public reading and audience discussion.
Jessica Lurie
A two-week summer workshop will introduce visual and musical techniques to 20 international and at-risk youth with limited arts experience. The students will work in pairs to transform an idea into a musical composition and a poster. All participants will receive a booklet and CD containing a collection of their original work.
Music Northwest
Top professional musicians will engage 45 youth in three-tiered levels of chamber music instruction in a week-long music camp. Working in groups of three to five, students will develop music and ensemble skills as well as performance technique. The camp will culminate in a free public recital.
Nature Consortium
A program of free culturally and environmentally themed instruction in piano, guitar, drums and music recording for 80 youth from lower income neighborhoods and subsidized public housing communities. The program culminates with a group performance.
Northwest Folklife
A year-long, after-school instructional series on the history, dance, music and song from West Africa for 25 youth in a transitional Seattle school district program for immigrant/refugee students. The program culminates in four public performances.
Pat Graney Company
Thirty Washington Middle School youth with no artistic experience will engage with professional artists in a four-week workshop series to produce dance/movement, sound and visual installation pieces focused on memory. Student work will be included in the November premiere of Pat Graney's new production, House of Mind.
Photographic Center Northwest
"Club Photo" offers two 10-week after-school workshops in fall 2008 and spring 2009 in which professional photographers provide hands-on lessons and field trips. The workshops cover the fundamentals of photography for 20 immigrant middle and high school youth with limited English skills, culminating in a school/community exhibit.
Power of Hope
Three six-week series of sequential workshops build skills in writing music, hip-hop lyrics and spoken word; rapping/DJ; and recording, mixing and producing. The series targets 60 at-risk youth from Central/Rainier neighborhoods and culminates in performances of original songs at community events.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
A year-long, quarterly series of seven courses offers a range of visual arts, from glassblowing and fusing, to printmaking and metalsmithing, for 485 youth from the Central and International Districts. The program culminates in numerous teen exhibitions.
Richard Hugo House
A year-long, quarterly series of Saturday writing classes in multiple genres are held on-site for 180 youth from citywide neighborhoods. The series culminates in publications and numerous readings.
Seattle Center Academy
Artists from leading Northwest arts organizations teach a two-week summer arts program for 300 diverse middle school youth, including students with disabilities. The students explore art-making in all disciplines, and the program culminates in a performance and exhibition.
Seattle International Film Festival
In an annual three-day filmmaking/screening intensive, professional artists pair with 50 mostly Native American youth to create short media pieces breaking down the negative stereotypes of Native peoples. The projects are screened at Seattle International Film Festival.
Seattle Public Theater
A two-week, summer playwriting and production program focuses on effects of climate change on our immediate environment. Twenty youth from citywide locations will learn the basic tenets of theater and develop five 10-minute plays to be performed at the end of the program.
Seattle Repertory Theatre
In a 10-week, after-school theater residency at Meany Middle School, an ensemble of 12 youth will create a short, original play exploring the challenges of transitioning into middle school. The group will perform the play for 5th grade students and their parents at T.T. Minor Elementary School.
Seattle Theatre Group
A year-long performing arts residency reinforcing African-American traditions offers 20 youth from the YMCA's Black Achievers Program training, mentoring and interaction with mainstage artists from season productions.
SouthEast Effective Development
A six-month public art workshop series offers 15 teen residents at Rainier Vista an opportunity to design, fabricate and install a glass tile mosaic for a seating wall in the entrance of the newly constructed Boys & Girls Club.
The Bend-It Extravaganza
A year-long series of multi-arts workshops led by local LGBTQ artists and speakers for 80 queer youth and their allies of mixed backgrounds. The original work will be showcased at the annual Bend-It Extravaganza festival.
The Right Brain Center for the Arts
Twenty at-risk youth at two partner youth centers will explore the issue of teen truancy through a five-month digital photography and writing series. The series will teach hands-on skills in equipment, composition and Adobe Photoshop. Students will develop a portfolio of work and mount exhibitions at each youth center.
The Service Board
A six-month, multi-arts, after-school mentoring program enhances The Service Board's core job/life-skills/diversity curriculum with artist residencies and cultural field trips. The program is for 50 diverse and at-risk urban teens and culminates in a student showcase.
Urban Wilderness Project
Poet/playwright Jourdan Keith leads an 11-week, after-school writing/storytelling workshop for 15 youth in Southeast Seattle. The workshop integrates cultural identity, writing and performance. Storytelling will be shared with younger children and families in agencies such as First Place. Youth may earn required high school service learning credit.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
A sequential summer program offers 400 hours of training and performance in Shakespearean theater for 40 new and returning youth, especially low-income and immigrant students. Professional artists and youth alumni mentors lead the program, which includes a bilingual group of students performing works in Spanish by playwrights Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inez. The program culminates in 10 public performances.
Youth in Focus
Seventeen at-risk youth from Rainier Valley and South Park will participate in a two-part, artist-led photography/creative writing workshop. High-school teens from the first phase will mentor middle school youth in the second. Participants will explore and document stories of seniors in their families or community, and each phase will close with an exhibit.