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2007 - 2008 Youth Arts Awards

826 Seattle
Picturing Change, two artists will offer a nine-week comic book workshop series providing 30 hours of training for 45 youth culminating in a published anthology and reading.
911 Media Arts Center
Reel Eyes, a 15-week, after-school series offering 60 hours of digital filmmaking/media literacy workshops led by four artists for 12 youth who will produce short films focused on personal and community experience culminating with a public screening.
Arts Corps
Winter After-School Program, offering free, eight-week, community-based arts classes led by 15 artists in sites all over the city, who will provide 340 hours of multi-arts training for 250 diverse and at-risk youth culminating in a community showcase.
Arts in Motion
2nd Line Drum Corps, a seven-month after-school program in which an artist will offer 15 South Seattle youth 180 hours of jazz drumming classes and field trips culminating in three community performances.
Coyote Central
Coyote Reach, a series of fall/winter, after-school and weekend, mixed-media workshops at multiple sites, totaling 8,000 hours led by 18 artists for 400 youth culminating in two showcases at the end of each session.
Gage Academy of Art
Teen Art Studio, a year-long, free, weekly drop-in series serving 400 youth with a safe, creative art studio environment and 150 hours of mixed-media instruction by 12 artists, culminating in at least one public exhibit of the teens' work.
Isaac Hernandez Ruiz
Polvos de Colores, the artist will teach three two-month sessions offering 48 hours of instruction in traditional Mexican sand painting (tapete de arena) for 90 youth culminating with showcases at three school and community sites.
Jack Straw Productions
Blind Youth Audio, a summer series offering eight visually-impaired youth specially accessible audio technology and 35 hours of sequential, hands-on audio creation and production training led by eight artists. Students will create their own audio art presented at a public event, and on radio, Web and a podcast.
Music Northwest
Chamber Music Camp, a week-long summer training offering 210 hours of individual and group music instruction by six artists for 45 youth at all levels culminating in a free recital and awards ceremony.
Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools
Five artists will offer a five-week after-school workshop for 30 Beacon Hill and Georgetown youth, culminating in a community concert. Forty-eight hours of training in singing, playing and writing are integrated with the blues, Langston Hughes' poetry, African American history and culture.
Phffft! Dance Theatre Company
Dance Empowerment, a four-month series offering 50 hours of dance and choreography with tech production and marketing instruction led by four artists for 10 youth culminating in a public performance inspired by participants' life experiences.
Pongo Publishing
Pongo Teen Writing, three artists will offer 156 hours of creative writing/poetry instruction over three months for 318 youth in detention or foster care, with two culminating events. Pongo will also publish the teens' work and present at one or more literary festivals.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Youth Art Works, a four-quarter, after-school/weekend series offering 4,080 hours of hands-on, multi-arts instruction led by six artists for 246 youth culminating in community exhibits after each term.
Rainier Vista Cambodian Youth Program
Photography Project, a three-month weekend series offering 26 hours of digital photography training led by one artist for 12 youth and culminating in two public exhibits highlighting the essence of the Cambodian community.
Reel Grrls
Reel Grrls, a three-part, winter/spring/fall series led by eight artists and mentors offering 95 hours of media literacy/filmmaking training for 85 diverse young women, and culminating in three public screenings of their work.
Richard Hugo House
Scribes, a three-part, year-long series offering 400 hours of written/spoken word training. Led by 12 artists for 1,000 youth, the workshops focus on playwriting, poetry, zines and short fiction for publication and readings.
Seattle Center for Book Arts
Book Arts Workshop, a year-long session led by three artists offering 1,160 youth over 100 hours of bookmaking and bookbinding techniques and formats and culminating in numerous exhibits at branch libraries citywide.
Seattle Chamber Players
SCP Meets the Boombox, a six-week after-school residency workshop for 20 diverse students with no formal experience with music who, with the guidance of six artists, will develop their own compositions to be performed by the Chamber Players in an informal concert.
Superfly Filmmaking, a two-day intensive workshop, in which 20 artists will offer 60 hours of digital filmmaking training and hands-on mentoring to 50 youth grouped in teams. The teams will produce and screen four short films, all based on the same script.
Seattle Scenic Studios
Technical Internship, six theater artists will lead a nine-week session offering eight youth 90 hours of scenic and prop design instruction and mentoring using state-of-the-art tools and showcasing sets at local theater productions.
SouthEast Effective Development
Public Art Workshop, a year-long after-school program with three artists offering 45 at-risk youth 100 hours of multi-media design and fabrication art training culminating in the creation, installation and unveiling of a site-specific work.
Washington Ensemble Theatre
Queer Teen Ensemble, 15 artists will lead a two-month after-school series offering 100 hours of scriptwriting and ensemble theater workshops exploring identity and building community for 20 youth and culminating in four public performances.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
Summer Program, two artists will lead a summer-long sequential series offering 400 hours of instruction and rehearsals in Shakespearean theater for 40 youth culminating in ten public performances for all ages.
Youth in Focus
Time (k)NOW, a two-phased after-school series offering 228 hours of skill-building classes in digital photography and written/oral texts led by four artists/peer mentors for 17 youth culminating in two public exhibitions.
Youth Speaks Seattle
Spoken Word Residency, a five-month after-school residency offering 35 hours of poetry/spoken word workshops and rehearsals exploring self-identity led by three artists/peer mentors for 25 youth culminating in four preliminary slams and one final slam.