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2015 - 2016 Youth Arts Awards

Arts Corps
The program will provide 200 southeast/west young people with 528 hours of after-school, multi-art and leadership classes by seven artists that will culminate in showcases at each site plus service learning assignments.
Associated Recreation Council
The program will provide 10 teens with 28 hours of hands-on graphic design and social media instruction with neighborhood and museum staff to create a campaign that reflects community issues. Classes close with a public showcase at the Frye Art Museum.
Center for Wooden Boats
The program will teach 30 hours of Native cedar carving and restoration skills to eight at-risk youth by two artists. The project will close with an event showcasing ceremonial traditions open to the public.
Common Language Project, The
The program will offer 40 refugee/immigrant teens an intensive workshop including 48 hours of research, reporting and publishing workshops by three artists as an introduction to create and share their own content for a public showcase. Intensives are pipelines to journalism apprenticeships.
Cornish College of the Arts
Ten artists will lead 100 hours of summer, pre-college team intensives with critiques for 50 teen producers-in-progress that culminate in a public performance.
Deaf Spotlight
Eight deaf artists plus an ASL translator will lead 112 hours of playwriting-theater summer camp workshops for 15 deaf teens and kids of deaf adults. Camp will end with a performance by youth.
Diop, Sumayya
The program will offer 64 hours of fused traditional and contemporary dance-theater-spoken word-hiphop-song where 13 middle school girls will explore cultural bridges and give a community performance.
El Centro de la Raza
The program will offer after-school sessions taught by four artists providing 338 hours of hands-on design and production of 'ofrendas' (altars) elements for 60 yount people. It will close with three Day of the Dead celebrations at two schools and one neighborhood site.
Extraordinary Futures/Shunpike
Through 180 hours of breakdancing, meditation, yoga and mentoring by a single performing artist, 15 youth will participate in a showcase at community events with city and countywide peers.
Guerra, Stephanie
40 at-risk teens will participate in writing, literature circles with reflection and readings taught by a novelist.
International Capoeira Angola Foundation
Seven lead and guest artists will teach 15 teen fundamental movements, world music and history including written and spoken reflection that transform aggression and violence into a non-competitive form.
Jack Straw Foundation
Audio story-music and visual arts pieces will be generated by 30 youth with disabilities who will engage in 100 hours of radio drama sessions led by 10 artists for an in-studio installation.
Korson, Emily
Three artists will lead 30 hours of visual arts and literature for 15 young people to explore destruction and repair. Books with narrative and artworks will be generated and exhibited.
Marshall, Lauren
The program will offer 82 hours of scriptwriting and theater by two artists for 16 teens with learning and physical challenges plus homeless teens at two sites. It will close with community performances.
Mercer Middle School PTSA
40 hours of Liberation Theater workshops blended with hiphop culture focused on Beacon Hill as home will be lead by three artists for 25 youth and culminate with a community showcase.
Na'ah Illahee Foundation
45 Native youth will create a short film, video games and engage in traditional arts through 70 hours of hands-on instruction taught by four artists at different sites. A month-long gallery show with all art works will close sessions.
Nagy, Mary
15 teens will be lead through 120 hours of after-school b-boying/b-girling and history of hiphop culture led by one artist and two guest artists. Choreographed and original works will be performed.
Peterson, Andy
Through 168 hours of hands-on introductory, intermediate and advanced art design, engineering and electronic projects taught by one artist, 60 southeast middle-school youth will produce and present creations for a community display.
Photographic Center Northwest
The program will offer 60 hours of sessions with field trips and instruction in photography linked to core academics for 20 immigrant/refugee teens, taught by two artists. It will culminate in a school showcase and public slideshow.
Pongo Publishing
The program will offer 144 hours of poetry-writing a method of healing trauma guided by three artists for 192 young people in King County Juvenile Detention Center (KCJDC). A collection of poems will be published and shared with the general public.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
268 Central area teens will engage in 614 hours of hands-on, multi-visual arts classes plus portfolio development led by 10 artists with specialized equipment and materials. The program will close with two showcases.
Reel Grrls
Three media artists will guide 48 teen girls through 90 hours of video, animation and performance instruction for program screenings with talk-backs.
Sawhorse Revolution
The program will engage 12 young people in 82 hours of design, draw, build and public speaking lessons taught by three artists-architects that produce sustainable mobile structures for homeless clients.
Seattle Art Museum
Two artists will teach 170 hours of after-school/Saturday intensive for 30 high school youth to learn field research and fundamentals of architecture that produce models of teen-friendly community space models. Multidimensional pieces will be displayed.
Seattle Arts and Lectures, Inc.
Four artists will lead 40 hours of literary arts to 80 middle/high school teens and will pilot a Writing In The Schools summer camp for 80 middle and high school students.
Seattle JazzED
Ten acclaimed musicians will guide 150 young people through 420 hours of introductory jazz lessons focused on improvisation and performance that will close with two community concerts.
Totem Star Records/Seattle Neighborhood Group
Two musicians will mentor 10 youth through 50 hours of hands-on music production and business workshops featuring guest artists that will close with a live public performance.
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras
The program will offer 64 teens 238 hours of string instrument and ensemble coaching, rehearsals for beginner and intermediate levels by four musicians. Lessons will culminate in fall and spring concerts.
Shantz, Michael
50 teen girls will engage in 72 hours of ensemble steel pans from Trinidad and jazz-hiphop dance taught by two artists for a performance at NW Folklife Festival 2016.
Somali Community Services of Seattle
The program will feature a community showcase of traditional Somali art forms generated by 50 young people engaged in 156 hours of multi-arts lessons taught by four artists. Work will be based on Somali films and family interviews.
Velocity Dance Center Ten local/international artists will lead 50 teens through 72 hours of dance, choreography, performance and video production. The series will close with self-produced concerts
Wing Luke Memorial Foundation
20 Asian Pacific-Islander youth will be guided by three mentoring artists on after-school/summer art projects including workshops, field trips and exhibit design studios that will culminate in three exhibitions.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
The program will offer a sequential 400 hour-long summer series of Shakesperean instruction and rehearsal by two artists for 40 youth that close with 10 city-wide, public performances at different venues.
Young Strings Project Outreach/Whidbey Island Waldorf School
Two bilingual classical musician/composers will lead 120 hours of sequential lessons in stringed instruments, their care and ensemble work for 30 immigrant/refugee teens will culminate in recitals and a concert.
Youth in Focus
The program will offer 16,200 hours of photography lessons, field trips, gallery visits and service learning to 300 teens led by eight artists. Debriefings will be conducted at close of each session.
Youth Theatre Northwest
40 southeast teens will participate in 57 hours of after-school/spring break improvisation residency led by four artists. The residency will close with community performances plus family will receive tickets to YTNW productions.