Artists, arts and cultural organizations, and community-based service organizations serving youth are encouraged to apply. Priority is placed on serving youth or communities with limited or no access to the arts. Funded programs receive both funding and ongoing technical assistance.

Project Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:
  • include teaching artist(s) with at least one year of experience working with the project age group and art/cultural form(s);
  • be an artist(s), arts/cultural organization, youth-service agency, or a degree-granting institution.
Eligible projects must:
  • offer arts training outside of school hours;
  • be located within the boundaries of Seattle;
  • serve primarily middle and/or high school students living in Seattle, with a
  • plan for recruitment of participants;
  • submit confirmed project plans and schedule providing for completion within one year of the award; and
  • submit a sound budget showing a mix of income sources.

Youth Arts project proposals are evaluated by a panel of independent peer professional arts educators.