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Dec. 2015

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Irene Gómez
(206) 684-7310

Arts education helps teens become creative critical thinkers. Youth Arts is an annual funding program that makes a difference in the lives of Seattle middle and high school youth by providing arts education beyond the regular school day in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Funds and technical assistance from this program help experienced teaching artists lead training programs and projects in all arts disciplines-from visual arts to theater to dance and film. These programs give young people a chance to shine, to express themselves and to develop positive goals for the future. Youth Arts prioritizes youth or communities with limited or no access to the arts. Funding awards range up to $10,000.

In the most recent funding cycle, spanning September 2012 to September 2013, the Youth Arts program awarded $175,000 to 34 artists, cultural organizations and community organizations serving youth. It's estimated the funded projects engaged more than 5,400 youth in about 42,400 hours of arts training throughout the city. The funded projects were chosen from a pool of 62 eligible applicants. The average award was $5,175.

Learn more about our efforts to put the arts back in education for all students in Seattle Public Schools.