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Seth SextonMelissa Young
The Glass House Project

"Glass is the perfect metaphor for addiction and recovery—delicate, fragile, and dangerous," said Seth Sexton of The Glass House Project.

Led by Sexton, an artist and volunteer barista at the downtown Recovery Café, The Glass House Project offered two dozen café members recovering from homelessness, addiction and mental illness a path to healing through the process of creating and experiencing art.

The Recovery Café, a nonprofit that offers a safe, supportive community to those on the road to recovery, supported The Glass House Project, which engaged participants in glass art via field trips to museums and artist studios and hands-on workshops. The participants created glass panels, which are on permanent display at the Recovery Café at 2022 Boren Ave.

"I feel alive creating. This is life. The Glass House Project has opened up a large opportunity for creative expression and learning and working side by side with others, letting go of control and expectation, seeing in new ways," said a project participant. "I think the day has come that I can express myself and someone can celebrate it."