To apply for Civic Partner support, an organization must have its primary location in Seattle and have:

  • a mission and programs centered on arts and culture or the histories of Seattle's peoples and places;
  • a minimum three-year history of continuous operation and cultural accomplishment serving Seattle residents.
  • a not-for-profit business structure; and
  • at least one ongoing cultural program open to the public in Seattle.

Evaluation Criteria

The Civic Partner Program invests in the broad cultural community, helping organizations make a rich variety of arts, heritage and culture opportunities accessible to Seattle residents and visitors. Through this and all our programs, we are committed to removing barriers to participation and involving diverse cultures and underserved audiences and artists.

In addition to the program goals of representing the diversity in the cultural community and the residents to be served, the following three core evaluation criteria are considered in the review of applications.

  1. Public Access and Benefit: Constituents, Community, Audience Served
  2. Quality and Impact of Program in Relation to a Stated Cultural Mission
  3. Organizational Soundness and Capacity

What We Can and Cannot Support

Civic Partner funds may be used to support annual operating and program costs (staff, artist and other professional fees, facilities, outreach, etc.) relating to an organization’s cultural services which are accessible to and provide public benefit to Seattle residents and visitors. These will be your core programs and services; they do not have to be new programs or projects. Civic Partner awards may not be used for

  • events not accessible to the public;
  • capital improvements or purchase of equipment;
  • school, college and university departments or programs which are part of regular or extra-curricular school programs;
  • religious services, or events or presentations in which fundraising is the primary purpose.