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2014 CityArtist Projects

Roberto Ascalon
Research and production of a manuscript of new and edited poems that generates an illustrated chapbook. A high school reading of selected pieces will be accompanied by musicians at the Massive Monkee headquarters.
Mike Attie
Complete feature-length documentary film about a Vietnam War reenactment. Searching for solace from the ghosts of their own wars, a platoon of veterans head into the woods of the Pacific Northwest to recreate some of the darkest days of American history. A public screening will be offered.
Erin Brindley
Complete first two chapters of the Cafe Nordo Cookbook, an interactive multi-media cookbook and compendium of the science, history, and philosophy of food based on previous shows. Chapters will be accessible via free download, and presented at farmers markets.
Webster Crowell
Complete a partial feature-length adventure in episodic format for both big screen and download. The film will include live action as well as animated effects and title sequences.
Karen Finneyfrock
Complete writing a young adult novel: a fictionalized account of the author's senior year in high school while facing repercussions of a friend's lies. Culminating with a reading and lecture at Nathan Hale High School.
Angela Fountas
Complete solid draft of a novel incorporating research about the New York Foundling Hospital, Irish domestic servants, and western Ireland ranging from the Great Famine through the early 20th century. Culminating in a public presentation about process.
Eroyn Franklin
Complete first three chapters of of a graphic novel-memoir exploring a year spent living in European squats that culminates with a comic workshop plus public reading.
Tory Franklin
Create daily fairy-tale narratives based on worldwide stories in a public window theater that explores working with removable materials at a storefront and workshop at The Vera Project.
Sean Gallagher
Curate and document an intergenerational, multi-disciplinary and traditional event for Native American-Alaskan cultures in and alongside a newly created Umiak that illustrates the importance of community sharing with an exhibit, film, dance and gift-giving.
Chad Goller-Sojourner
Write and self-publish a collection of narrative essays surrounding what happens when a black, transracial adopted boy, raised by white parents, ages out of honorary white and suburban privilege and into a world where folklore, statistics, and conjecture deem him dangerous until proven otherwise.
Wynne Greenwood
Create a video archive of 17 separate video recordings of band performances in Northwest houses and punk clubs widely embraced by national and international queer, feminist and artistic communities. Excerpts from archive will be screened for youth and college-age audiences.
Stephanie Guerra
Complete a young adult novel set in present day Las Vegas, where a seventeen-year-old protagonist is trying to support himself, find love, face dyslexia, and struggle to find an authentic identity in a world revolving around money. Closing includes readings and workshops.
Jesse Higman
Create seven large-scale paintings, including purchasing materials and hiring assistants for the seven painting events.
Salise Hughes
Produce a new, short film by manipulating layers of footage of rogue cop, horror, and film noir genres frame-by-frame with an original score for a public screening.
Robert Hutchison
Complete a book manuscript including transcription and editing of interviews with Japanese architects and artists, personal essays, and photography executed by the author while in Japan for public lectures.
Rachel Kessler
Complete and give a reading with slide show from a book-length manuscript about working as a hack in all aspects of life: writer, parent, partner and child. Employing poems and stories this tale of post-partum depression, broken noses, spilled milk, and sins of the generations unfolds.
Yuri Kinoshita
Create an illuminated, floating teahouse that floats on water for open-air, traditional Japanese tea ceremonies in public places.
Margot Quan Knight
Generate and exhibit a new body of photo-based work on the theme of conversation that explores photography's struggle to document the unseen. A public exhibit and an elementary school workshop will be presented.
Natasha Marin
Complete original poem per Red Lineage adapted to allow others to contribute their own personal histories that echo, overlap and foster a sense of community despite real and/or perceived barriers. Produce interactive, multimedia archive, public workshop, and a screening and performance event.
Jen Marlowe
Complete BAHRAIN: THE UNCOVERED UPRISING, a feature-length documentary film providing an in-depth look at the pro-democracy uprising in the Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain. Once complete, the film will be screened at multiple Seattle venues, and include discussions about the situation in Bahrain.
Brian McGuigan
Complete the first draft of a book-length memoir entitled THE ANATOMY OF A GUN OWNER about my personal history with guns and violence and the fear and paranoia that led me to become a reluctant gun owner. Present two readings in South Seattle near the sites of shootings covered in the book.
Larissa Min
Complete a manuscript exploring the intersections of development, conservation, social justice and global climate change in two of the world's last wild places, Antarctica and the Amazon, from a developing world's perspective with a public presentation.
Sierra Nelson
Create new poems to complete a book manuscript with an interactive poetic structure inspired by the ancient Chinese divination method Book of Changes (I Ching). A series of audience-interactive group-divination performances of the new poems will be held.
Kay Ray
Complete final re-edit of a documentary film based on interviews of American women instrumentalists in jazz from the 1920's to 1970's with public screenings.
Paul Rucker
Create an installation comprised of lynching postcards brought to life through animation and original music, and wooden sculptures marking historic deaths related to the civil rights movement as part of a series demonstrating parallels between slavery and the prison industrial complex.
Adam Sekuler
Complete early research and development phase of a dance film piece about abandonment derived from a multi-year residency experiment with choreographer Shannon Stewart and company of 15 set in an abandoned site in King County. Year-end work will have a public screening.
Ward Serrill
Produce a short documentary following Seattle inventor, Peter Scott, as he creates the world's most fuel-efficient cook stove that saves forests and lives. Public screening planned.
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Maria TV interweaves video of Latina domestic workers with reenactments of their jobs based on how they are portrayed in the media to highlight experiences of local under-privileged people. Work creates a connection and sensibility for an important and tangible political and cultural issue. A public screening will be offered.
Danielle Villegas
Complete interviews, shoot and post-production of a 30 minute documentary focused on an indigenous North American concept of 'Two Spirit' for a public screening. 'Two Spirit' references a person who fulfills one of many traditional mixed-gender roles among Native American and Canadian First Nation communities.
David Williams
Finish manuscript for a book exploring how and why Seattle shaped its physical landscape, including Denny Hill, the Duwamish Tide Flats, the historic shoreline, and Lake Washington Ship Canal. Free public presentations at community centers and museums will be scheduled.
Allyce Wood
Produce new site-specific installation at a storefront comprised of video projection throughout the space, shimmering upon three-dimensional cut paper elements suspended.
Carolyne Wright
Complete poems based on a sequence of intercultural encounters with girls and women that form a section of a book confronting family and national history, and the intersection of the personal and public arena.
Ben Zamora
Create and exhibit an immersive, site-specific sculptural light installation representing Phase II MALA, a multi-year project based on Buddhist prayer beads creating a meditation mantra. MALA is built with 108 individual sections.