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2007 CityArtist Projects

Tom Baker, music, Hunger: The Death of Tamsen Donner
To compose and produce an hour-long chamber opera based on historical text by Ruth Whitman of the pioneer spirit of the Donner Party and American West.
Eric Banks, music, The Seven Creations
To compose a new work and present ancient melodies in a cappella oratorio for antiphonal chorus The Esoterics.
Lori Dillon, multidisciplinary/dance, Performance Memoirs
To create an interactive dance/theatre multidisciplinary-media experience to be performed in a hotel room including a live Web stream and complimentary gallery installation.
Thione Diop, traditional ethnic music, The Spirit of West Africa
To present a five-hour West African dance and music concert and workshops.
Wayne Horvitz, music, The Heartsong of Charging Elk
To create and present new work for a music composition oratorio about a historic show predicament.
Raymond Houle, dance, Against the Grain/Men in Dance
To create and perform male dance in contemporary society and throughout history.
Jessica Jobaris, dance, Stuck in Ugly
To develop and present touching and comedic music-dance stories.
Brian Kooser, theater, Dracula: A Case Study
To create and present a new puppet show based on Brian Stoker's Dracula, written and directed by Kooser with live music featuring Bunraku, traditiional Japanese puppetry.
Matthew Kwatinetz, multidisciplinary/theater, War of the Roses
To complete one work-in-progress and present a Shakespearean adaptation of theatrical music performances with episodes streamed on the Web.
Gregg Loughridge, multidisciplinary/theater, Mary's Secret
To create and present new work using actors mixing classic black-and-white film imagery with the multidisciplinary media of the 19th century.
Elspeth Savani Macdonald, traditional ethnic music, Elspeth Savani and Friends
To develop music and present a concert of original boleros, sambas and folkloric vocal music from Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.
Ryan Mitchell, multidisciplinary/dance, Our Summary In Sequence
To create and present a multi-disciplinary piece focused on two Pillar Pieces and interconnected over three months through symphonic/dance work.
Todd Jefferson Moore, theater, Everybody's Mainstream
To create a theatrical script from 300 hours of interviews detailing the struggle over survival of the Skagit River.
Paul Mullin, theater, The Ten Thousand Things
To develop and stage read a play intended to evolve for 10,000 years, illuminating ideas embodied by the Clock of the Long Now.
Lucia Neare, multidisciplinary/theater, Lullaby Carriage
To remount and present an outdoor, interdisciplinary "dream theater" piece with expanded ensembles and moving sets.
Michael Nicolella, music, M3
To compose and present one large-scale original composition and one large-scale arrangement for classical guitar trio.
Haruko Nishimura, dance
To create and present partnerships with a dance, theater and music artists culminating in four complete works.
Hossein Omoumi, music
To create a recording of a pieces of classical Persian music, including original compositions based on multilingual poetry in Farsi and English.
John Osebold, multidisciplinary/theater, Magic Mouth/BacklogAnalogue
To present a full-length work blending deconstructed/re-arranged compositions and absurdist theater.
D.K Pan, multidisciplinary/dance, Tengu and the White Rabbit
To develop and present an original story about love and relationships integrating dance-theater, music and video performance.
Mary Sheldon Scott, multidisciplinary/dance, Geography
To create and present a new dance-music performance about how we map and navigate changing and compromised worlds.
Tikka Sears, multidisciplinary/theater Work Created Under Compulsion
To complete and present a multidisciplinary-media musical theater production inspired by individuals worldwide forced to create to stay alive.
Wally Shoup, music, New Wally Shoup Trio Project
To create, present and record a new set of jazz compositions for an avant-guard trio with alto sax, percussion and piano.
Greg Sinibaldi, music, Greg Sinibaldi Recording
To develop and present new music and produce a CD incorporating electronic and acousitical elements.
Cheryl Slean, theater, SITE (Seattle Indie Theatre Experiment) SPECIFIC
To commission and present a series of short, new "Padua-esque" plays staged outdoors in site-specific locations.
William Smith, music, Jazzopera
To compose, record and present a lecture performance combining classical music with elements of various jazz styles.
Julie Tobiason, dance, Seattle Dance Project 1
To create and present an original dance work exploring music, timing and personal styles by exchanging video and visit from NYC choreographer Pat Catterson.
Annette Toutonghi, multidisciplinary/dance, Pants
To create and present a one-act work including theatrer, film, dance and live music offering a glimpse into personal isolation, anxieties, vulnerability and aspirations.
Jason Williams, multidisciplinary/theater, Automata
Create and present a new theatrical re-creation of the silent movie experience combining acrobatic performance, music, videography and stage magic.
Stuart Williams, traditional/ethnic music, Evergreen Fiddler
To record and produce a CD and tunebook of "old time" unique styles and techniques for tunes collected over 30 years from fiddlers in Washington and Oregon.
Jennifer Zeyl, theater, Hedda: Blah, Blah, Bang
To direct a reconstruction of Hedda Gabler, a classic Henrik Ibsen play.