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2015 CityArtist Projects

Daniel Barry
Compose, perform and document new music for jazz orchestra that incorporates elements of classical, jazz and Brazilian traditions including an educational component.
William Satake Blauvelt
Create and present two new music/sound scores, incorporating the almost lost art of katsudo benshi (live film narration) for the classic Japanese silent films "Jujiro (Crossroads)" and "A Story of Floating Weeds."
Paul Budraitis
Rehearse and stage the play "Fireface" in a domestic residence or a neglected industrial or commercial space with bused-in audiences with actors and audience in close proximity.
Codjo Etienne Cakpo-Gbokou
Develop and present new body of solo and group choreographic work exhibiting styles from both East (Zimbabwe/So Africa) and West (Togo/Benin) Africa for two public performances.
Desdemona Chiang
Produce new bilingual ASL/English play about the intersection of hearing and Deaf culture and the controversy over cochlear implants featuring a mixed ensemble of Deaf and hearing actors.
Anna-Lizette Conner
Create and produce a multidisciplinary, full-sensory work including performance, installation, sound design and audience participation exploring death via the transitional world and the living world.
Terry Crane
Complete and present an evening length contemporary circus show with director KT Niehoff inspired by The Library of Babel, by Jorge Luis Borges.
August Denhard
Five performers present demonstrations and concerts exploring music along the Silk Road with cultural and historical context for the music including presentations or workshops to public school students and the general public.
Nat Evans
Collaborate with eight West Coast composers and compose new pieces with field recordings while on a walking trek of the Pacific Coast Trail. The work will culminate with performances and school workshops.
Christian French
Create and perform a new rock opera libretto with composer through a series of found object installation "performances" in the Duwamish River Valley.
Alice Gosti
Develop a five hour-long live performance that questions identity, community and where art belongs, and challenges the canonic boundaries of dance and that brings politics and history into the foreground.
Steve Griggs
Commission a 45-minute program of narration with composed and improvised jazz music to be performed at the sites of five sculptures by James Washington.
Alex Guy
Compose, record and mix a musical score for a feature length documentary about immigration and belonging, with a screening event of the finished film.
Dayna Hanson
Create and present a new solo-group quartet dance work based loosely on a discarded sheet of calculus problems as a visual blueprint for intricately patterned movement for premiere performances.
Robin Holcomb
Compose and record new music for piano, voice and cello for three public performances and a studio release as a two-CD set.
Wayne Horvitz
Complete a new 15-minute piece in three movements for full orchestra with an improvising soloist to be performed by the Seattle Symphony; focused on Pacific Northwest writers.
Kristianne Huntsberger
Develop and record a storytelling show about 20 women's experiences finding personal agency via hosted workshops for women of different ages and backgrounds. Closes with a work-in-progress show.
Christopher Icasiano
Compose, produce and present a new recording with a student ensemble.
Jessica Kenney
Complete recording of a voice-on-voice performance of classical and contemporary Persian poetry, lecture, and song-melody from mystical literature with four artists.
Paul Kikuchi
Development and design of an online interactive experience of a multi-faceted website combining original music, photos, writings, and historic recordings with a 'Meet the Artist' event to discuss the work.
Jody Kuehner
Pushing past performance category traditions, development and performance comes second in a triptych of gender-bending modern dance/drag solos exploring existential crisis. A journey to find peace in the unknown.
Paul Kuniholm Pauper
Present a nine-artist participatory Garden Party Theatre parading wearable art with large public feast where gowns are given to young women for proms.
Kyle Loven
Complete, rehearse, and present an evening-length performance incorporating multiple performers, objects, live video and original music. Work is inspired by conspiracy theories and explores how we as viewers and as humans process information.
Donald McGreevy
The Temporal Nature of Stability (TNOS) is a minimalist symphony depicting the Chernobyl Disaster. Using modified electric guitars, acoustic instruments and organs, the music will illustrate the inclination toward patchwork solutions often applied to problems created by technological advancements.
David Nixon
Record a soundtrack for an animated musical documentary film, the true story of a charismatic LSD-loving leader of a controversial Buddhist sect centered in Seattle in the 1970's, closing with a public screening.
Angelique Poteat
Compose and present new music for orchestra with a girl's choir addressing pressures girls face from popular culture and society today from their own perspectives.
Monica Rojas-Stewart
Produce a bilingual Peruvian holiday of De Inga y Mandinga exploring mixed ethnic-cultural heritage from an Afro-Peruvian perspective. Remount version invites a new partner, the Sound of the Northwest with Negro Spirituals, for a public performance.
Michael Sauder
Create a bi-monthly, one year performance series of four hour long works exploring original and experimental musical composition in a visceral environment with visual art works.
Zoe Scofield
Create and present a new, evening-length choreographic work with an original Sacred Harp score in Southern Baptist a capella traditon. It will take place in an environment immersing audience in cacophony of song and dance.
Mary Scott
Develop and present 10 new, solo, evening-length dance works designed for experimentation. Works will be taken apart, transposed from stage to site-specific locations and reassembled in new orders.
Tikka Sears
Collaborate cross-culturally with Indonesian director Rachman Sabur of the Black Umbrella Theater exploring birth, re-birth stories, trauma, near death experiences and being alive through physical theater, storytelling and puppetry.
Greg Sinibaldi
Create, record and premiere new music for a small jazz group and electronics based on the poetry of Sylvia Plath's book Ariel with lecture and demonstrations.
Paul Taub
Commission and perform five new works for flute and up to five other instruments.
Stokley Towles
Present a solo performance piece exploring the social and physical landscape of the Metro bus based on interview excerpts with transit drivers and observations of daily life on the bus.
Rosa Vissers
Develop and perform a 20-minute choreographic-dance performance examining the effect of accidents on people, communities and their futures with 11 artists via interviews and research of past incidents with common themes.
Hope Wechkin
Create a site-specific, 21st century, cross-sector and multidisciplinary performance including imaging studies of brain activity exploring experience of being 'in synch' with another, or 'withing.'
Mirta Wymerszberg
Recreate and perform a children's theatrical work, the practice of 'el contador de cuentos', the storyteller of ancient Latin American children stories and songs, by three actors in Spanish. Rehearsals will close with two public performances.