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Irene Gómez
(206) 684-7310

Individual artists are the core of a creative community. The CityArtist Projects program provides funding for Seattle-based individual artists to develop and present their work. The program focuses on different disciplines in alternating years. The 2016 cycle will award grants to artists working in literary, media/film and visual arts. Film production is acceptable with the Literary, Media/Film and Visual Arts cycle in alternate years. We encourage a broad range of artistic and cultural expression that reflects Seattle's diversity.

The 2014 cycle of CityArtists awarded over $160,000 to 33 individual artists working in literary, media/film and visual arts. Fifty-five percent of the artists funded are first-time recipients. A peer-review panel evaluates proposals based on criteria such as artistic meritor or potential, public access or impact and feasibility where budget reflects project.