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2014 Cultural Facilities Partners

Repairing and restoring the space to its original condition after a recent flood.
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Addition of motion-sensor lights and cameras with a new DVR recorder added to capture footage from new and existing cameras.
Eritrean Association in Greater Seattle
Improvements and a redesign for their current Community Center kitchen, and the creation of an adjacent outdoor area as a community gathering space
Historic Seattle
Providing full fire protection for the Seattle Landmark Washington Hall building.
Phinney Neighborhood Association
Installing a new HVAC system
Ripple Productions
Finishing the installation of a theater in 109 Main St, creating the permanent home of Ripple Productions and the Cafe Nordo shows.
SouthEast Effective Development
Purchasing and installing security lighting & cameras to SEEDArts Studios, which will house 22 artist studios/office spaces for creative enterprises in Hillman City.
Three Dollar Bill Cinema
Building out an office space, film library, and screening room in their new location at 12th Avenue Arts
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation
Revitalizing the physical infrastructure at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, including a window replacement project and classroom upgrades.