This pilot program will not have an open application cycle in 2015.

The purpose of the Arts Mean Business 2.0 funding opportunity is to create greater equity and inclusiveness in Seattle by funding pivotal arts jobs for arts, cultural and heritage organizations that serve under-represented communities. The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture seeks to provide one-time funding to Seattle arts, heritage, cultural and arts-service organizations for pivotal arts jobs that will make a difference in each organization's ability to sustainably carry out its mission in serving under-represented communities—communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, or those who are differently-abled. Investing in the arts is an investment in the cultural, social and economic good of the city.

Our Office has long strived to serve all residents and communities in Seattle by partnering with artists, community groups and arts and cultural and heritage organizations of all sizes and demographics. Inclusive practices and working through an equity lens is a value we strive to uphold. And while our Office is often held up as a model for race and social justice and implementing programs and policies to achieve more equity in all that we do, disparities still exist.

30% of the population in Seattle is represented by communities of color. But the majority of local arts funding does not yet reflect that diversity. In order to truly create a more inclusive and dynamic cultural sector and stay relevant to all the people who live in, work and visit Seattle, we need to evolve our investments in a meaningful way. Arts Mean Business 2.0 aims to address these current inequities.

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible organizations must be Seattle-based with at least a three-year operating history as a legally established, not-for-profit organization; have as a primary purpose an arts, culture or heritage focus; and demonstrate a record of ongoing artistic or cultural accomplishments serving Seattle residents. Priority will be given to organizations that represent, reflect and serve under-represented populations—communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, or those who are differently-abled—and who use the arts as a way to serve these communities in the City of Seattle.

Organizations receiving funding through any of our programs are eligible to apply as long as the position covered does not overlap with positions already being funded through the Office. Previous recipients to this program may apply again.

Funding Levels

Up to $25,000.

Funds may used for:

Salary support or contract fees, full or partial, for one position (employee or contract) that is pivotal to the sustainability of the organization in serving an under-represented community.

For help in applying

Assistance with the application or guidelines: or (206) 733-9926

We encourage you to attend a grant workshop and contact us early for assistance.