Beginning in 2008, the City of Seattle has invested $300,000 - $100,000 each year in the Partnership. These dollars have been matched by Seattle Public Schools, and leveraged many times over by new grant dollars and partnership investments. Our collaboration has:

  • Installed a district-level music specialist and a community art liaison to coordinate with the city's arts community.
  • Expanded arts opportunities for students and schools through new district commitments and school-community arts partnerships.

The following programs illustrate how the Seattle Arts Education Partnership is engaging more students in new and inspiring forms of artistic study in Seattle Public Schools.

  • The Rainier Beach High School Theatre Arts Coalition of seven varied theater partners, organized by the district community arts liaison, is becoming a model for how to work strategically with local arts organizations to enrich arts education in public schools.
  • In one of the most underserved areas of the district, a partnership with Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, also supported by the Wallace Foundation, is providing instrumental music instruction for youth without the resources to afford lessons on their own.
  • Outstanding visual art from SPS students was on display at the 2010 Middle and High School Naramore Art Show at Seattle Art Museum.
  • The district has identified music programs as a focus area for the new SPS Student Assignment Plan, with a starting commitment of $410,000 for staff and instruments in the 2010-2011 district budget.

The partnership also continues to build capacity among district arts educators, fostering quality and innovative teaching models throughout the district.

  • The Partnership investment and increased staff capacity are making it possible to organize and raise new dollars, such as a WSAC grant for integrated dance and music professional development for district arts educators.
  • Sixty teachers attended Drawing is Literacy workshops and learned how to imbed art into language classes through book making.
  • Collaboration with community arts organizations plays a key role in professional development through workshops available to teachers across all disciplines.

    As we continue to work towards increased capacity, system-wide improvements and systemic change to overcome inequity of access to quality arts education, we will continue to post benchmarks and successes on this site.