Cultural Space Inventory

In 2013 the Office of Arts & Culture’s Cultural Space program surveyed the artistic life of Seattle and created the Cultural Space Inventory. Our goal is catalogue every theater, gallery, arts office, rehearsal room, library, music club, museum, and cinema in the city. The results of this ongoing inventory are available through the city's open data portal.

We have broken all the data down into digestible nuggets including:

Fun facts:

  • 6.8 million square feet of cultural space in Seattle
  • 56,841 theater seats
  • Over 500,000 square feet of art galleries
Matthew Richter
Cultural Space Liaison
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Maps of Cultural Space
Have/Need Rental Space
Spacefinder Seattle <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-new-window"></span>
Looking for rehearsal space by the hour, or an old warehouse for your new theater? Looking for studio space by the month, or an empty retail space for a gallery? Check out Spacefinder Seattle.
King Street Station

King Street Station

ARTS at King Street Station
Seattle is transforming King Street Station into a hub for arts and culture. In a unique collaboration between the Office of Arts & Culture, the Seattle Department of Transportation, and the Office of Economic Development, the City will create a dynamic space for arts and culture in the heart of the city.
Professional Development
Turning Commitment into Action
In conjunction with the Office for Civil Rights we are offering arts and cultural organizations the tools they need to turn their commitments to building racial equity – both within their organizations and through their work in and with community – into actions for tangible change.
Support for facilities projects

Support for facilities projects

Cultural Facilities Fund
Awarding grants to Seattle arts, heritage, cultural and arts service organizations with facility renovation like ADA access or new facility projects.

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