Naoko Morisawa, "Mosaic Garden," photo courtesy of Naoko Morisawa.
Naoko Morisawa, "Mosaic Garden," photo courtesy of Naoko Morisawa.

Art Interruptions 2015

Art Interruptions offers ephemeral moments of surprise and reflection in the Central Area Neighborhood Greenway from September 4, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

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Bayu Angermeyer, Seeking Kindred Spirits

Angermeyer will create two whimsical creatures, one reading a map and one surveying the neighborhood with binoculars that will be perched in a tree on 25th Ave. S. Angermeyer has a B.F.A. from Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA and is a sculptor and painter. She is passionate about storytelling using myth and archetypes in her imaginative sculptures.


Carina del Rosario, Central District Children Stories: Memories and Messages

del Rosario has worked with multicultural youth from the Central Area neighborhood on a writing project that explores their history, hopes and community. del Rosario will install portraits of the youth that are combined with their words on the back of neighborhood Greenway signs. Rosario utilizes photography, digital media and art to explore the desire for community. She has a B.A. in Communication from Santa Clara University.


Esther Ervin, Little Art Supply Depot

Ervin will create a "Little Art Supply Depot" modeled after Little Free Libraries, Ervin's installation will be stocked with small packages of miscellaneous art supplies for people to take and use. Participants will be invited to post photos of their creations via social media and art supply donations will be encouraged. Supplies will be maintained and stocked by the artist. Ervin was an Artist in Residence at Pratt Fine Arts Center and the James W. Washington Foundation. Her art includes mixed media work and jewelry.


Alison Foshee, Everyday Magic

Foshee will create a series of, whimsical birds' nests, woven together from found objects that mimic the resourcefulness of actual bird's nests. The artist's installations will find homes in trees throughout the greenway. Foshee explores the artistic potential of everyday, raw materials. She has an M.F.A. with a printmaking emphasis from the San Francisco Art Institute.


Naoko Morisawa, Mosaic Garden

Morisawa will create a trio of pop-art mosaic images that will inhabit the Spring Street P-Patch. Morisawa creates hand-made wood mosaics, made up of hundreds of intricate pieces of wood colored with natural oil dyes. The mosaic images will be replicated on vinyl and installed in the P-Patch. Morisawa has a BA in design, ceramics from Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan and has exhibited both locally and internationally.


Hanako O’Leary, Against The Current: Journey Through the Central District neighborhood, hope will ebb and flow ...

O'Leary has interviewed community members of the Central Area focusing on their likes/dislikes and hopes/dreams for the future of the neighborhood. Utilizing quotes from these interviews O'Leary will incorporate them into a series of textile installations and wheat paste collages in the form of Japanese Koi fish. The school of fish streamers will be installed throughout the neighborhood. O'Leary is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in ceramics.


Sonya Stockton, Still Life

Stockton is creating traffic cone sculptures, some of which will be cast in a clear resin with found objects suspended in the sculpture. The clear cones will serve as curious time capsules of the neighborhood. Stockton is a mixed-media artist with a focus on found object mixed media sculpture, drawing, collage and painting.


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