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Out of an abundance of caution, Age Friendly Seattle events will occur online (live and/or recorded) until it is safe for older people and anyone with a compromised immune system to attend indoor events in person.

Following is information about our monthly Civic Coffee and special events, when scheduled. For information about past events, scroll down to Previous Events. 

Welcome, Seattle Public Library!

We welcome The Seattle Public Library as a co-sponsor of our Civic Coffees in 2022!   

Civic Coffee

Age Friendly Seattle Civic Coffee logoAge Friendly Seattle's Civic Coffee is a monthly event where older people can meet community leaders and local  government officials, ask questions and provide feedback. A wide range of issues, programs and services are presented and discussed in a panel format. See Previous Events, below, for topics covered over the years.

Civic Coffee takes place on the third Thursday of each month, from 10:30-12 noon Pacific Time (90 minutes) with some exceptions. Interpretation is offered by advance request (via Visit our Virtual Events access page for topics and to join online, by phone or in-person (coming soon), or to download event flyers in multiple languages. 

Coming up!

Information about upcoming programs can be found on our event calendar and the Age Friendly Seattle Facebook events page.

  • Thursday, June 23 (10:30 a.m.-12 noon): The June 23 Civic Coffee will focus on brain health and the different ways communities are impacted, including LGBTQ+ older adults, African American elders, and caregivers. To log on, online, visit and click the blue button (real-time translated captions will be included). For detailed instructions, or to join by phone, click the green button.
  • July 21, 2022—bookmark this page and return for details in late June
  • August 18, 2022—bookmark this page and return for details in late July

For more information, e-mail

Close to Home: Stories of Health, Tech & Resilience

"Close to Home: Stories of Health, Tech and Resilience" was a series of online events presented by Age Friendly Seattle and The Seattle Public Library during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020–December 2021) that featured information and resources for older people, caregivers, and their families. For information on past programs, see Previous Events, below. For more information, e-mail

AgeWise TV on the Seattle Channel

AgeWise TV programming on the Seattle Channel

AgeWise TV is a series of programs designed for older people featured on the Seattle Channel (Channel 21 on Comcast). AgeWise TV first aired on June 25, 2020. AgeWise TV was the brainchild of Pike Market Senior Center staff and developed through community collaboration.

Each one-hour program features lifelong learning and physical activities to help older viewers stay connected and stay healthy during the COVID quarantine. For the Seattle Channel viewing schedule, click here. To watch AgeWise episodes that have already been shown, visit the AgeWise TV homepage.

For Your Calendar

Age Friendly Coalition for Seattle and County

This countywide community-based Age Friendly Coalition (formerly "task force") supports implementation of Age Friendly Seattle and is available to assist suburban cities and communities in launching age-friendly initiatives. The coalition and its steering committee meet on alternate months, third Fridays. Four additional committees meet on their own schedules—Active Transportation & Outdoor Spaces; Housing; Outreach, Advocacy & Communications; and Social & Civic Participation. For more information, click here.

The Age Friendly Coalition and its committees are supported by the Age Friendly Seattle team. Questions? E-mail

Previous Events

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