Content Policies

Online Posted Content and Commentary

People have many opportunities to interact with the City of Seattle online, and the City encourages posted content and commentary on our interactive digital platforms. The City's online services and sites are limited public forums and are moderated by City staff.

The City's Online Posted Content and Commentary Policy describes the terms and conditions under which posted content and commentary may be moderated. Please refer to that policy before using City of Seattle social media, blogs, and other online forums.​​​​​​​


The City of Seattle may select and post links to other sites. Postings made by the City on social media, blogs, or other sites do not indicate the City's endorsement of the ideas, issues, links, or commentary posted. Endorsement is also not implied via "following," "friending," "liking," or otherwise linking to other online entities.

Once a user follows a link to another page or site, the City's policies no longer apply, and the user become subject to the policies of that page or site. The City of Seattle is not responsible for the content that appears on these outside links, nor do we warrant the accuracy of information set out in those destinations. Users should be aware that these external pages and sites and the information found on those pages and sites are not controlled by, provided by, or endorsed by the City of Seattle. The City reserves the right to delete links posted by outside individuals that violate the City's Posts Policy at any time without notice.