Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Western Avenue Roadway Restoration for Emergency Water Main Replacement

  • Western Ave New Pipe The new pipe was installed on Western Avenue in October 2015.
  • Western Ave New Pipe The roadway is temporarily restored in March 2016.
  • WesternAve The new Western Ave water main will sustain additional ground settlement and be seismically sound.


Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has replaced a large water main (20 inches in diameter) on Western Avenue from Yesler Way to Spring Street. The damaged cast iron pipe was at risk for a water main break due to ground settlement that occurred in Pioneer Square.

In order to perform this work, some customers had their water temporarily shut off while crews switched over water services to the temporary line. SPU notified affected customers in advance of the water shutdown and worked with residents and businesses on a shutdown time that had the least impact on all customers.


Ross Hathaway, project manager
(206) 733-9132