Seattle Public Utilities

Intermodal Facility EIS

On August 5, 2005, Seattle Public Utilities published the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) on the City of Seattle’s proposed solid waste intermodal transfer facility. The development of an intermodal transfer facility would allow the City to coordinate the transfer of wastes using a combination of transportation modes (such as truck, rail, and barge) to ensure that the City has the ability to transfer solid waste out of the City. Note: The Intermodal Facility Plan was abandoned in 2007 with the City Council’s adoption of Resolution 30990 (the zero waste resolution).

This FSEIS identifies potential impacts resulting from the construction and operation of the proposed solid waste intermodal transfer facility at four alternative sites. The four alternative sites are:

  • A facility at Terminal 10 on Harbor Island
  • A facility at Terminal 10 and the adjacent Pendleton site on Harbor Island
  • A facility on property between South Corgiat Drive and Airport Way South south of South Albro Street
  • A facility on property in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of South Edmunds Street and Airport Way South

The FSEIS also evaluates the no action alternative. In addition, the FSEIS includes comments on the Draft SEIS provided by agencies, the public and other interested parties, along with SPU’s responses to those comments.

The FSEIS found that there are no significant adverse unavoidable environmental impacts associated with any of the alternatives, except for the no action alternative. The FSEIS does not present a preferred alternative.

Following completion of the FSEIS, Seattle Public Utilities performed a siting evaluation to determine the most suitable site for the solid waste intermodal transfer facility and selected the Corgiat site (Alternative 4 in the SEIS) as the preferred site. The siting evaluation included a consideration of all costs as well as social and environmental impacts.

Copies of the FSEIS are available on compact disk (CD) and can be obtained by contacting Henry Friedman at (206) 733-9147 or a hard copy of the document can be reviewed at the following locations:

  • Seattle Public Library: Central (Downtown), Ballard, Beacon Hill, Columbia, Delridge, Fremont, Wallingford, and West Seattle.
  • Neighborhood Service Centers: Delridge, Fremont, Greater Duwamish, and West Seattle.