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Reduce Water Use

Installing efficient fixtures and taking steps to conserve water can help reduce your water use and utility bills year-round. For a complete list of rebates and tips, visit

  • Find and Fix Leaks
    Leaky toilets, indoor faucets, and outdoor faucets around your home could cost you up to $175 a year on your utility bill, and waste 11,000 gallons of water. Finding and fixing leaks is an easy way to save money and water.
  • $75 Rebate on Toilets
    Customers can receive a $75 rebate when they purchase a new Premium WaterSense toilet.
  • Free Toilets for Low-Income
    To replace water-wasting toilets with more efficient models, Seattle Public Utilities is offering free water-saving toilets to:
    • Low-income homeowners who qualify.
    • Multi-family buildings that provide low income housing.
  • Rain Water Harvesting
    With the amount of rainfall we get in the Northwest, you can collect, store and dispense of rain water from your roof to your plants and lawns. Find out how it works and what you will need to start harvesting rain water.
  • Smart Watering
    Have a healthy garden and lawn while lowering your monthly water bill. Smart watering conserves water so it can benefit people, plants, fish and other wildlife.
  • Automatic Irrigation Systems
    Information about financial incentives and technical resources for automatic irrigation systems.

Saving Water Partnership

To help our region conserve water, Seattle Public Utilities collaborates with 18 other water utilities in the Saving Water Partnership. For more rebates and information on saving water in your home, yard and business visit