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Rates Information

All 2014 rates are effective January 1, 2015, except for solid waste, which is effective April 1, 2015.

Rate Change Summary Table

2013-2015 Typical residential bill per month

Water (1)$36.38$38.93$38.93
Sewer (2)$50.10$50.53$50.91
Drainage (3)$24.10$26.58$29.20
Solid Waste (4)$39.30$40.95$43.35

(1) Typical residential bills assume monthly water usage of 5.5 ccf (hundred cubic feet) for peak period water usage and 4.7 ccf for offpeak period water usage.

(2) Typical residential bills assume monthly sewer usage of 4.3 ccf.

(3) Drainage fees are billed for SPU as a separate line item on King County’s annual property tax statements. The typical bill is a median bill.

(4) Rate increase effective April 1. Typical residential garbage service is a 32 gallon garbage container and yard waste service.