Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, Acting Director


What you can recycle depends on whether you’re recycling at your house or apartment or at a Recycling and Disposal Station. Please see the information below for details.

OK in home recycling or at Transfer Station

  • Aluminum foil, pans or trays  
  • Aluminum beverage cans, such as beer and pop. Please empty. Labels are OK.  
  • Steel or tin cans - Rinse, leave lids attached, pushed down inside can. (Throw away loose lids. It is not necessary to remove labels.)  
  • Metal hangers  
  • Scrap metal (less than 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft.)  
  • Cookware (pots, pans, cookie sheets, etc.) made of ferrous metal (remove any non-metal parts  

OK only at Transfer Station

  • Appliances - for a fee  
  • Bicycles  
  • Empty barrels or drums - Clean and cut them in half. Not accepted if they have been used for hazardous materials.  
  • Hot water heaters – remove all interior and exterior insulation. (Appliance rate charged for heaters with insulation.)  
  • Lawn mowers - drain gas and oil  
  • Scrap metal - copper, wire hangers, cast iron, etc.  
  • Steel garbage cans  
  • Vehicle batteries

NOT accepted in home recycling or at Transfer Stations

  • Items smaller than 3" are too small to be recycled: they can jam the machinery at the recycling plant.  
  • Household batteries - Alkaline batteries (AA, C, D, 9v, etc.) go in garbage. But vehicle batteries are accepted for recycling at the Transfer Station.
  • Rechargeable batteries are not accepted by SPU; see Call2recycle for recycling locations.
  • Asbestos  
  • Bottle caps  
  • Can lids smaller than 3 inches (unless attached to can)  
  • Cans with liquid or food left inside.  
  • Chip bags  
  • Engines or auto parts  
  • Metal with other materials attached  
  • Office or copy machines  
  • Oil tanks  
  • Propane tanks or containers of other pressurized flammable gases  
  • Drums that contained hazardous waste  
  • Wrapped pipe (pipe that is unwrapped and made of ferrous material is accepted at the Transfer Station)

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