Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Friends of Recycling and Composting (FORCs) - $100 credit

A FORC educates residents and monitors containers for greater recycling and food waste collection success at your property. View FORC information (pdf).

For your Seattle property to receive a one-time $100 credit on its utility bill:

  • Your Seattle property must have five or more units.
  • You must sign up a person (manager, facilities staff, or resident) who is on the property at least once a week to be a Friend of Recycling and Composting (pdf).
  • The FORC will be sent a green FORC folder that includes a pledge form listing actions for improving food waste collection and recycling on the property. The FORC must complete and sign the pledge form and return it to SPU.
  • Allow two billing periods after SPU receives the pledge for the $100 credit to show up on the property’s utility bill.
  • See the pledge requirements (pdf).

To sign up a FORC, choose one of the following:

  • Sign up online or
  • Call (206) 684-7665 to sign up with an SPU customer service representative or
  • Call (206) 684-8717, press #2 to request a paper information packet
  • After sign up, register for a training (see below)

For more information

Order free posters, flyers, decals to educate your residents.
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