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Residential Garbage Dumpster Rates

Multifamily building rates depend on the size and number of containers and frequency of pickup. Last year nearly 400,000 tons of recyclable and compostable material from Seattle went into the landfill. Buildings can reduce their need for garbage collection and save money by recycling and composting food scraps and yard waste.

You can request special collections for existing dumpsters to remove extra garbage. Call Customer Service at (206) 684-7665 to schedule a special collection.

Regular dumpster collections rates

Account Fee:  $40.10 per account.

Non-compacted material

Service TypeEach container, weekly pickupSpecial pickups, per container
 2017effective April 1, 20182017effective April 1, 2018
3/4 Yd$205.13$208.98$61.59$62.74
1 Yd$230.14$234.47$69.10$70.40
1.5 Yd$280.15$285.46$84.11$85.70
2 Yd$330.16$336.44$99.13$101.01
3 Yd$430.19$438.41$129.16$131.63
4 Yd$530.21$540.38$159.19$162.24
6 Yd$730.25$744.33$199.93 
8 Yd$930.30$948.27$254.14 

Compacted material

Service TypeEach Container, Weekly PickupSpecial Pickups, per container
 2017effective April 1, 20182017effective April 1, 2018
1 Yd$333.41$339.39$100.10$101.99
1.5 Yd$435.06$443.28$130.62$133.09
2 Yd$536.70$546.88$161.14$164.19
3 Yd$740.00$754.07$222.17$226.40
4 Yd$943.29$961.26$283.21$288.60
6 Yd$1,349.88$1,375.02  
8 Yd$1,756.46$1,790.02  

Other charges

Extra garbage collection and overload containers are $11.35 per bundle. Effective April 1, 2018 the fee will be $11.55.

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