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Tips and Rebates for Automatic Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation systems are convenient, but they typically waste 40-50% of the water they use. Even the best are just over 60% efficient at getting water to the plants’ root zones.

Help your customer save money while improving their landscape’s health by fine-tuning their irrigation system and adjusting the schedule to reflect their plants’ needs and local weather conditions.

Use the links below to learn more about:

  • Rebates to help upgrade an existing irrigation system or for water-efficient controls on new sprinkler systems
  • Watering practices to improve landscape health
  • Efficient irrigation system design
  • Online calculators that make it easy to adjust automatic irrigation systems for weather conditions and plant needs
  • The Watering Index to help adjust watering schedules

Links to other sites

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The Irrigation Water Management Society -Up-to-date Seattle Watering Index to adjust your watering schedule
Irrigation Water Management Society - Online calculators for creating water budgets and watering schedules