Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

North Transfer Station

  • reclaimed RECLAIMED
  • woodlawn landscape Woodlawn Open Space
  • woodlawn landscape Woodlawn Open Space
  • woodlawn landscape Woodlawn Open Space
  • Scale houses Scale houses
  • north transfer station public art Artwork “RECLAIMED” by artist Jean Shin
  • recycle and reuse building Recycle & Reuse Building
  • carr place open space Carr Place Open Space
  • new transfer station entrance New Transfer Station Entrance.
  • construction of north transfer station Construction of North Transfer Station – April 2016
  • north transfer station concept art Concept art for the new North Transfer Station.

What & Why

What’s happening now?

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is replacing the North Transfer Station with a more modern and efficient facility that will meet Seattle's growing needs. The station is expected to open at the end of November 2016.

Learn more about what to expect during construction (pdf)

During the North Transfer Station construction, please use the new South Transfer Station facility at 130 South Kenyon Street in South Park.

October 2016

In the coming weeks, the North Transfer Station construction team will continue to:

  • Complete installation of lighting features in the Administration Building.
  • Install and program a card reader to the Administration Building elevator.
  • Complete flood testing and the installation of a sediment trap in the Tipping Building.
  • Complete remaining safety items and inspections at Carr Place open space.
  • Complete remaining work arising from station inspections.
  • Train station staff on new equipment.

Project goals and benefits

At the new facility, customers will find the following amenities that will improve upon current services.

  • Better customer safety
    The new facility will have flat floors for unloading and sorting. Without an open pit, customers are safer and less at risk of slips and falls.
  • More capacity and efficiency
    The new facility will have dedicated space to process more recycling. Residential and commercial haulers will use separate entrances to improve traffic flow and customer safety.
  • Less odor and noise
    The new facility will include more covered and enclosed spaces, a better ventilation system, automated rolling access doors, and entrance and exits designed to minimize noise in the neighborhood. These improvements will reduce the odor and noise coming from the new facility.
  • Space to create community
    East of the new facility, SPU will create an open space (pdf) that will include a play area for children, a sports court, an open play field, walkways, static exercise stations, and art installations.
  • Public art
    The new station will include new public art (made out of recycled materials, of course!). See Jean Shin’s artist statement and a preview of the planned art.


Free 24-hour construction hotline:
(206) 819‐5948

During construction, please visit the South Transfer Station