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Madison Valley Stormwater Project

The Madison Valley Stormwater Project was completed in January 2013. This facility was built to work with both the Stormwater Storage Facility at 30th Avenue East & East John Street and street drainage improvements to help protect the Madison Valley neighborhood from storm water flooding and sewer backups.

Historically, Madison Valley has experienced substantial surface water flooding and sewer backups. After the storm in August 2004, which resulted in significant flooding in Madison Valley, SPU began an in-depth process to develop and evaluate a wide range of options to reduce the potential for stormwater flooding and sewer backups primarily in the vicinity of 30th Avenue East and East John Street.

SPU designed and constructed an expansion of the 1-million gallon above-ground stormwater holding area along with a new stormwater pipeline, storage tank and landscaping. Together, the new infrastructure is capable of containing the amount of stormwater that caused flooding and numerous sewer backups in the two largest storms in 157 years of record – in August 2004 and December 2006. The total cost of the project and additional drainage improvements is $34.9 million.