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Restore Our Waters

Restore out Waters LogoRestore Our Waters is the City of Seattle’s commitment to take actions and promote partnerships that protect and improve our creeks, lakes, the Duwamish River and Puget Sound.

Lost and (Puget) Sound

Colorado film festival_promoThe 29 minute cinematic feature follows three teens who lose a key down a storm drain. The film complements mainstream science curriculum grades 3-9. 
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Check out the Public Service Announcements (PSA's) coming soon to a theater near you. Car Leaks | Car Wash | Yard Care

Tour Innovative Projects that Keep Seattle Green & Our Waterways Clean

Seattle is working to Restore Our Waters by improving creeks and waterways for the health of our community. Visit a watershed near you or view the interactive map (pdf) to see projects such as rain gardens, green roofs and habitat restoration.

Leading with Science – Small Actions Add Up to Big Changes

The State of the Waters and the Scientific Framework for Ecological Health empower Seattle to lead with science and take actions with measurable results.


Slow the flow of storm water and let the rain soak in.

Heavy storms and flash floods send rushing water into creeks and lakes. That fast moving water erodes the natural system by dumping debris and pollution, eroding banks, destroying plants, and widening the channel. Learn what you can do to help slow the flow.


Keep it clean and prevent pollution at its source.

Storm water run-off carries oil and grease, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that collect on our roads, rooftops and property. Learn what you can do to prevent pollution.

Puget Sound is in trouble but together we can fix it. Find out what you can do to be part of the solution at Puget Sound Starts Here.

Replant and Restore

Replant and restore native trees, plants and in-water habitat.

Salmon and wildlife need cool healthy waters. Good creek habitat includes gravel and woody debris with shade from stream-side native shrubs and trees. In addition, barrier-free streams allow salmon to reach all available habitats for spawning and rearing. Good lake and sound shoreline habitat has gentle, unarmored slopes with trees and shrubs overhanging the water. Learn about opportunities to help replant our urban creeks and forests.

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