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Frequently Asked Questions - School Field Programs

I have to switch or cancel my program dates, what should I do?

Call us at (206) 733-9421 or email as soon as possible so we can try to reschedule. If you must cancel, please let us know at least two weeks in advance as that allows us enough time to fill the spot from our program wait list.

Do you cancel due to weather?

We will cancel if there is extreme high wind or impassable snow. We have a variety of weather alternatives including basing all programs at the education center. We will contact you as soon as we are aware of predicted high wind or storm events to make alternate arrangements.

What field programs do you offer?

We offer two different school field programs: Seeing the Source and Land & Water. Both programs are 3.5 hours and have a focus on water. Seeing the Source travels into the Cedar River Watershed while the Land & Water program is at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. For more information, see the program descriptions. Our Water is Magic option is a self-led program hosted within the center’s indoor interactive exhibit area.

How many classes can I sign up for my school?

Due to limited space, each school is able signup for a maximum of four programs per school year. Each school is asked to select a coordinating teacher to organize and schedule the programs. Each classroom may attend only once per school year.

We have four fifth grade classes. Can we all do the same program?

Potentially. Depending on availability, all four classes can attend the Seeing the Source or  Land & Water programs on four separate days within the school year.
(Note: This is a change from previous years in order to accommodate our new school year registration process.)

What time of the year are school field programs?

Our spring season is mid-March to mid-June and our fall season is mid-September to mid-November.

Who can come on your programs?

Fourth and fifth grade classes only. We set aside approximately 50% of our program days for Seattle Public Schools and the reminder for all other school districts and private schools.

What grade levels do you target?

Our programs are developed for 4-5th grade-level students. We generally recommend Seeing the Source, for fourth graders and Land & Water for fifth graders.

I teach middle, Jr. or high school students, do you have programs for upper level students?

A visit to the Education Center -Water is Magic Exhibits is a great alternative for all other grade levels. For middle, Jr. and high school teachers alternate field programs are occasionally possible, especially during early spring or late fall. Please call (206) 733-9421 for more information.

Is there a cost?

Our programs are free as long as you continue to pay your water bill. The Seeing the Source program requires a bus which has an associated cost. Seattle Public Utilities subsidizes Seattle Public Schools so the cost is currently $70 per bus. Check with your local water utility to see if there are bus subsidy funds.

Can we transport students in private vehicles?

For Seeing the Source Program: no. We require a school bus or school or rental vans. For the Land & Water Program: yes. This program is based at the CRWEC and has no security requirements.

We are a late/early start school. Is that a problem?

Our programs are best when we have 3.5 hours with students. Please try to make arrangements with your transportation program to accommodate that time frame.

What is the maximum number of students we can bring per day?

Maximum 32 students per program. If you are signed up for both Seeing the Source and Land & Water programs on the same day, you can bring a total of 64 students.

Can we combine three classes into two programs?

Yes and no. We take up to 32 students per field program. If you have three small classes they can be combined into two groups as long as they do not exceed 32 students.

How many teachers and chaperones are required?

Teachers are required to accompany their class and a 1/5 chaperone to students ratio is ideal.

I homeschool. Can we sign up for a field trip or tag along on a program?

We do offer programs for homeschool groups. Please call us for more information.

Do you have a place to buy lunch?

No, we have no concessions at the CRWEC. Please be sure bus drivers and chaperones are aware of this.