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Westlake Avenue N Cycle Track Design Advisory Committee

June 30, 2015

Mayor Ed Murray appointed the Westlake Cycle Track Design Advisory Committee (DAC), bringing representatives with a variety of perspectives together to improve safety for all modes of travel (pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicles, transit and freight) in the Westlake Avenue N corridor.

The DAC brings local knowledge to ensure the project meets all design objectives. The DAC includes 13 individuals representing a variety of perspectives. Additional details about the DAC purpose and framework can be found in the DAC Charter.

View the DAC meeting schedule.

Member list

Member Name

Interest Represented

Warren Aakervik

Freight interests

Martha Aldridge

Lake Union Park users

Andrew Austin

Non-vehicular commuters

Devor Barton

Pedestrian interests

Karen Braitmayer

Westlake Ave North business owners

Dave Chappelle

Lake Union floating home and live-aboard residents

Thomas Goldstein

Cascade Bicycle Club

Amalia Leighton

Transportation Engineer

Sarah McGray

Bicycle interests

John Meyer

Air/water transportation/tourism

Martin Nelson

Westlake Stakeholders Group*

Peter Schrappen

Lake Union marina operator and boat moorage tenants

Cam Strong

Westlake Stakeholders Group*

* The Westlake Stakeholders Group represents a variety of businesses and residents within the Westlake corridor.

Additional details about the DAC members are included in the DAC member fact sheet.

Member Commitment

DAC members are expected to:

  • Develop an understanding of the Westlake Cycle Track Project purpose and need.
  • Work collaboratively, creatively and constructively to help determine community values.
  • Deeply engage in developing design options with safety as the overarching goal.
  • Gather feedback and provide ongoing communications between SDOT and the group they represent.
  • At each meeting, report what they have heard from their communities.
  • Provide input, as community representatives, on ways to address community concerns.

Meeting schedule

The list below outlines the DAC meeting schedule. Meeting materials will be posted online following each DAC meeting.

Spring 2014 meetings (March and April): DAC is formed, reviews expectations and charter, and learns project background. SDOT shares initial project information and the results of a business and resident survey.

May 2014 open house: At the May open house, the public will review project information shared with the DAC and provide input on what needs to be considered at locations along the corridor when selecting a cycle track alignment.

Summer 2014 meetings (June through August): DAC will review public feedback, review special topics as needed (i.e. parking management), and discuss alignment options.

Fall 2014 open house: At the fall open house, the public will provide input on the selected alignment.

In late 2014 and early 2015, the DAC will reconvene to review the design at key milestones.

DAC meeting materials:

Meeting date


June 2
Meeting #11

Westlake Cycle Track channelization plans
Westlake Cycle Track roll plot
Meeting summary

March 4
Meeting #10

Meeting summary

November 19
Meeting #9

Meeting summary
Cycle track alignment maps
Open House comment summary
Parking Roundtable #2 summary

September 30
Meeting #8

Meeting summary
Sidewalk Alignment maps

  • Driveway 1-5
  • Driveway 5-9
  • Driveway 9-14

August 25
Meeting #7

Community Roundtable summary
Moorage Survey summary - Update
Meeting summary

July 28
Meeting #6

Moorage Survey summary
Meeting summary

July 14
Corridor Tour

Tour summary

June 23
Meeting #5

Open House Comment Summary
All open house comments
11x17 comments:

Meeting summary

June 9
Meeting #4


Business and Resident Survey summary
Roundtable document
Corridor segment maps
Meeting summary

May 12
Meeting #3B

Meeting summary

April 21
Meeting #3
Concept A
Concept B
Meeting summary

April 7
Meeting #2

Business and Resident Survey results
Design memos:

Meeting summary

March 24
Meeting #1

Meeting summary


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