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Street Use & Urban Forestry Online Permitting

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Application Process

Once you are ready to apply for your permit, you may begin the application process by clicking here. The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Signing in to your account (or setting one up if you haven't already done so)
  2. Indicating the Application Type
  3. Indicating the Permit Type
  4. Providing information about the right of way area pertinent to the permit
  5. Providing the permit site address
  6. Providing permit location details
  7. Providing details about the work for the permit being requested (square footage, use code type and arterial/non-arterial information)
  8. Providing billing information for the responsible party
  9. Confirming the application information
  10. Submitting the application

At any time after submission, you may log in to your account and check the status of the permit application. A permit specialist from Street Use may contact you to clarify information already submitted or to request additional information.

Please fax (206-470-6988) or email a detailed site plan for the proposed work along with the appropriate application materials and information.

When submitting information or documents to SDOT via email or fax, include your permit number and site address.

If, after you've submitted your application, you would like to modify the information on the application or completely withdraw it, please email SDOT at

Some simple permits can be issued within 3-5 business days but may require more time if information is missing. In areas where there are arterials, designated Construction Hubs or within the High Impact Downtown Core, permit review and approval may take 10-15 business days. You will be notified by email when your permit has been approved. After your permit has been approved, you will be able to log in to your account and pay for the permit and all associated fees online using a debit or credit card. Your debit or credit card will be charged at the time of payment. If you choose not to pay online, you can pay in person at Street Use & Urban Forestry, with permit services on the 23rd floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower.. If you are asked to pay for a deposit, the payment will be placed into an account with the Seattle Department of Transportation to cover anticipated Street Use service and labor charges (e.g., for inspections). This deposit amount does not cover permit fees.

A list of permit fees can be viewed here.

Additional Documentation

Depending on the use code, certain permits may require additional documentation be submitted. Whether or not this documentation is needed can be determined by reviewing the individual use code descriptions. Additional documents that may be required are:

Traffic Control Plan - If your permitted work is on an arterial street, in a designated Construction Hub, or in the High Impact Downtown Core, submit a traffic control plan that includes your  permit number (if known) and site address. The plan should be emailed to This plan is not needed if your work is being done on a non-arterial street. For more information about the Traffic Control Plan, please click here.

Proof of Insurance - Please obtain property damage liability insurance in the amount of $1 million with the City listed as an additional insured endorsement and provide it to Street Use either via fax or in person. For more information about this insurance, please click here.

Indemnity Agreement - Once your permit is received and reviewed, Street Use will prepare an Indemnity Agreement (if it is applicable to your permit) and notify you that it has been prepared. At that time, you can pick up the agreement in person or request that Street Use mail it to you. Please note that after receiving it, you will need to have the document notarized, file it with King County Records and subsequently provide the original document with a King County recording number to Street Use in person. A $150 fee will be charged by Street Use for this service. There may be an additional fee when filing with King County.

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