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Mercer East TIGER I Grant Proposal 2010

On February 17, 2010 Seattle was awarded $30 million in federal stimulus. Click here to read the press release.

Mercer TIGER Grant Proposal

The “Mercer Mess” has long been a major bottleneck in the Seattle area, hindering access to Seattle’s fastest growing neighborhood, South Lake Union. The existing Mercer Street and Valley Street couplet were implemented in the late 1950s as a temporary solution to outdated traffic problems. Designated as part of the national highway system, Mercer cuts through the South Lake Union neighborhood, dividing neighborhoods and hindering economic development. The existing design creates congestion in the corridor which backs up onto Interstate 5 through the heart of Seattle, impacting the entire regional highway system, including Interstate 90 and State Routes 520 and 99.

The Mercer Corridor project supports Seattle's Center City Strategy, creating a livable and vibrant neighborhood with easy access to the downtown core. Seattle’s Center City is the economic engine of the Pacific Northwest. Areas served by the project are home to 245,000 existing jobs, and 50,000 new jobs are expected by 2024. The project provides a main street for the growing biotechnology hub in South Lake Union, connects a number of urban centers to Interstate 5 and carries over 80,000 vehicles each day. It is critical for the movement of freight to the Port of Seattle and provides access to the Port’s facilities on the north side of Elliott Bay, the International Cruise Terminal, Fisherman’s Terminal, shipping facilities and other industrial uses.

The Mercer Corridor Project is shovel-ready. Seattle has secured $140 million, including $31.4 million through private contributions. This funding request for $50 million is the last piece of the puzzle and will build multi-modal improvements along Mercer and Valley streets including widening Mercer to create a two-way boulevard, reconstructing Valley Street as a local access street, providing new and wider sidewalks, improving connections to transit and adding bicycle lanes. The project replaces major utility infrastructure and integrates many environmentally friendly and sustainable design features. It supports the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project (SR 99) and rebuilds the street grid in South Lake Union.

Read Seattle’s Mercer TIGER Grant Proposal here.

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