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Mercer Corridor Project Overview
Mercer West Dexter to 5th Avenue W
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Economic Competiveness

Thinking Nationally, Acting Locally

The Mercer Corridor is a critical link in the nation’s freight network, connecting the Port of Seattle, the nation’s fifth largest container port, the base of the North Pacific fishing fleet and a major international cruise terminal, to Interstate-5 and -90, and to markets throughout the nation.

Serving industrial needs

The Mercer Corridor provides improved access to the Ballard-Interbay Northend Manufacturing Center (BINMIC). BINMIC is home to 14,520 employees and 654 businesses, and is the heart of Seattle's maritime industry. The area is slated to add over 2,000 jobs by 2024. The average wage of maritime sector jobs in Seattle is $70,700 annually.

Within BINMIC, the Port of Seattle owns one of the largest undeveloped industrial pieces of property in Seattle, a 90 acre parcel just north of Terminals 90 and 91.  The Mercer Corridor project will serve as an incentive for the development of this parcel with industrial uses.

The road to global health

South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood has emerged as the center of the greater Seattle area's information technology, biotechnology and global health community.  Over 2.8 million square feet of biotechnology and global health space has been completed, is under construction, or in the permitting pipeline.  An additional 3.5 million square feet of traditional office space has been completed, is under construction, or in the permitting pipeline. This development has a value of almost $1.5 billion and has been estimated to create over 700 construction jobs each year. Assuming full occupancy, this development represents 22,000 jobs in space completed, under construction, or in the permitting pipeline. Over a 20 year period this economic development is estimated to create about $500 million in tax revenue to the State of Washington and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are two of the major organizations growing in the SLU. Each is building new headquarters complexes along the Mercer Corridor and are contributing funding to the project. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington Medical Center are also expanding along Mercer.

Read the following documents to learn more about the SLU bio-tech industry and economic impacts of SLU development.

Seattle's South Lake Union Neighborhood: Connecting Business Excellence and Life Sciences

Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts of South Lake Union Development- Sommers Report

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