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Getting Help

Crosswalks (Repainting) - 684-7631

Call us if you know of an existing crosswalk that needs repainting.

Curb Ramps - 684-5377

We install curb ramps (wheelchair ramps) to make it easier to cross streets that have concrete curbs and sidewalks. We give priority to intersections with the greatest need.


Streets North of Ship Canal - 684-7508

Streets South of Ship Canal - 386-1218

Overgrowth on Private Property - 684-7899

Our crews cut overgrown grass and brush along city streets. The purpose is to alleviate sight hazards for motorists and to uncover fire hydrants and other utility features. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the planting strips on streets adjacent to private property and for cutting plant material growing from their property into sidewalk or street areas. The Department of Design, Construction and Land Use instructs property owners to cut grass or prune overgrowth when needed.

Sidewalks and Planting Strips - 684-5253

Sidewalks are the maintenance responsibility of the abutting property owners in most cases. If you find a raised portion of the walk, call, with the address, and we will investigate and notify the property owner to make repairs. Property owners may install sidewalks or other improvements along streets adjacent to their property under a street use permit.

Street Lights - 684-7056

Call City Light or visit the City Light web site regarding malfunctioning street lights or to request a new street light. Also, see Traffic Signals.

Traffic Signals - Malfunctioning/Damaged Signals - 386-1206

Traffic Sign Repair or Replacement - 386-1206

Vehicles Parked on Sidewalk (or blocking crosswalks)

Call parking enforcement at the Seattle Police Department, 206.625.5011 Information needed includes:

1. Nature of the violation
2. Location
3. Vehicle Description
4. License Plate Number

Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF)/ Cumulative Reserve Fund (CRF)

City programs provide the projects and maintenance necessary to keep a good pedestrian environment. However, we need you to help report things that need fixing.
In some cases, for instance in regards to keeping sidewalks clear, property owners are responsible for taking action to keep the environment working for all people.

For more information, please e-mail or call the Pedestrian Program at 206-684-7583.

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