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2013-2014 Arterial Paving Projects: N 105th, N/NE Northgate Way Improvement Project

Project Update

September 15, 2014

Contractors working for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) recently completed work on the center phase of the N 105th/N Northgate Way Improvement Project, enabling them to fully reopen the travel lanes on N Northgate Way between Aurora Avenue N and Meridian Avenue N.

Work has now shifted to the final phase of the project, the long one-block segment between Meridian and Corliss Avenue N (the street just west of I-5).  Traffic in this segment has been reduced to a single travel lane in each direction, a condition expected to remain in place until the work is completed in mid-November. 

Crews have begun this phase on the south side of N Northgate Way, removing the top layer of the existing roadway in preparation for repaving and for installation of new drainage structures, sidewalk segments, curbs, and gutters.

While the east and west traffic flows on Northgate Way will be maintained between Meridian and Corliss during this phase of construction, heavy traffic volumes are likely to result in delays.  Both northbound and southbound traffic exiting I-5, particularly during the afternoon commute peak could result in backups on the exit ramps.  As such, drivers are encouraged to consider alternate I-5 exits, if that is an option.  

In addition, construction in the intersection of Meridian and Northgate Way is expected to restrict some traffic movements until mid-November: 

  • Northbound traffic on Meridian at Northgate Way, just south of the intersection, has been reduced to a single lane.
  • Motorists traveling southbound on Meridian will not be able to turn left (eastbound) onto Northgate Way.  This traffic will be directed to a detour using N 107th St and Corliss Ave N.
  • No left turns will be permitted from eastbound Northgate Way to northbound Meridian Ave.

Motorists with appointments in the area are encouraged to allow extra time to reach their destination. 


Storm installation at Ashworth Avenue N and N Northgate Way

Project Overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is making improvements along N 105th Street and N/NE Northgate Way from Greenwood Avenue North to Lake City Way Northeast.  Construction began last July and is currently projected to be completed in late summer 2014.

Improvements include complete roadway repaving, new sidewalks and curb ramps, drainage improvements, street lighting and street trees from Greenwood Avenue North to Corliss Avenue North.  SDOT will also upgrade traffic signals from Greenwood to Lake City Way (and along Lake City Way to North 102th Street). 

The paving element of the project, the most disruptive to motorists, has been divided into three distinct phases, with the contractor finishing one before moving onto the next.  The first phase, from Greenwood to Aurora, was completed at the end of February and required the closure of all eastbound traffic lanes, as well as the frequent reduction of westbound traffic to a single lane.

Crews are currently working on the middle phase of the project, between Aurora and Meridian Avenue North.  Again, the eastbound travel lanes have been closed and westbound travel reduced to a single lane.  As of this writing, it is expected these traffic restrictions will remain in place until summer.  (See above for the detour map for eastbound motorists.)

The final phase, the one block segment between Meridian Avenue North and Corliss Avenue North (the street immediately to the west of I-5), will follow.  Fortunately, the width of the roadway here is sufficient that both eastbound and westbound traffic will be maintained during construction, although with the likely reduction down to a single lane in each direction.   

Project Description

This project will improve the corridor along N 105th Street and N/NE Northgate Way from Greenwood Ave N to Lake City Way NE. Improvements will include roadway repaving, new sidewalks and curb ramps, drainage improvements, street lighting and traffic signals, and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) components.

Roadway improvements include:

  • New paving on the roadway from Greenwood Avenue N to Corliss Avenue N.
  • New drainage infrastructure, including new stormwater detention pipes and water quality features.
  • New five-foot-wide sidewalks and curb ramps.
  • New roadway markings.

Signal, lighting and ITS improvements include:

  • Eight new street lights between Greenwood Avenue N and Corliss Avenue N.
  • New dynamic message signs (DMS) at N 105th Street/Evanston Avenue N and Lake City Way NE/NE 120th Street.
  • New closed-circuit TV cameras to help with traffic management and safety, at Greenwood Ave N/N 105th Street, Ashworth Avenue N/N 105th Street, and Meridian Avenue N/N Northgate Way.
  • Seven new cameras that provide real-time traffic information to web-based systems and the DMS signs.

What to expect during construction:

This project will have considerable impacts on traffic and the public. SDOT will conduct outreach to residents and businesses in the neighborhood beginning in Fall 2012 until project completion to ensure that they have the information they need to cope with construction.

Project Benefits

When this project is completed, it will have significant benefits for the public and motorists, including:

  • Improved safety for pedestrians.
  • Elimination of potholes.
  • Eased traffic congestion.
  • Improved water quality.
  • Transit speed and reliability.
  • Real-time information for travelers.


The project will take a little more than a year to complete, so should be done before this coming fall (2014). 

More Information

Project Contacts:

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