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How to Build a Parklet or Streatery

If youre interested in building a parklet or streatery, youre in luck! We have three documents that explain everything you need to know to get your project rolling:

Parklet Handbook 
The Parklet Handbook is the starting place for any parklet or streatery project. The handbook details the application process as well as all requirements for designing, permitting, building, and maintaining your parklet. It also includes expected timelines for each phase of the project and estimated costs. You’ll also find tips for assembling a team and funding your parklet.

Streatery Supplement
Because streateries operate differently than a parklet, they are subject to a few additional requirements. The Streatery Supplement is a companion to the Parklet Handbook that outlines different or additional requirements and explains what youll need to consider when planning your streatery. You should first review the Parklet Handbook to familiarize yourself with the permitting process.

Forms & Examples Supplement
This supplement to the Parklet Handbook provides all the forms you’ll need to complete during the parklet and streatery process. Here, you’ll also find examples of previously-submitted parklet applications, concept designs, and construction documents.

You can also find the forms you need in PDF format below:

Funding Resources

Parklet and streatery projects can be costly design, permit, and construct. Parklet hosts, however, are often able to find outside funding sources and donated services and materials for their projects. If you're concerned about the expense of building a parklet or streatery, we can help connect you with a number of funding resources to reduce costs. We generally recommend looking into available City grants, crowdfunding websites, volunteer services, and partnerships with other organizations to get your project rolling.

We've also compiled a list of professional design firms that are offering pro bono or reduced cost design services for parklet and streatery hosts. We'll continue to update this list as we hear back from other firms, but please contact us if you'd like us to connect you with any of these firms listed below.


Statement of Services

Babienko Architects

Babienko Architects is an inventive architecture firm whose approach to architecture is grounded in solid construction techniques and practices. Spurred by a commitment to architectural creativity, and sustainable building practices, bARC is a multi-disciplinary team that applies an artistic, thoughtful and innovative approach to design.

Full service architecture practice. Pro bono services to include pre-design and schematic design with site plans and three-dimensional modeling.

Project Groundwork

Project Groundwork is a small Landscape Architecture studio in Seattle focusing on urban design, residential, commercial and mixed use landscapes.  We can offer pro-bono design help for a streatery or parklet project, particularly near our Leary Way office between Ballard and Fremont. We can contribute these services:

  • Early concept development – visualizing the new space, conceptual renderings, 3-d visualization, early planning guidance, site planning, planting layout – offered pro-bono.
  • Construction drawings – offered for a negotiate fee
  • Construction assistance – depending on scope, potentially offered pro-bono or negotiated

DeForest Architects +

DeForest Architects is a small firm with an inventive spirit. To us, design isn't about big egos, big budgets, and getting published. It's about new ways of bringing people, building, and ideas together to make a difference. Many firms focus on 'the what' of design; we are equally interested in the who, how, and why. How can we make design a more rewarding, creative experience? Why does it matter to you, your business, and our community? DeForest Architects would like to contribute pro bono conceptual design to a Seattle parklet or streatery. We look forward to hearing from you!


As part of our Social Responsibility Initiative, Perkins+Will provides pro bono services for programming, visioning, branding, feasibility studies, and architectural and interior design.  We are passionate about utilizing our design expertise to give back to our local community.

SkB Architects

At SkB Architects we pride ourselves on being more than just designers. We are social psychologists, we are MBAs, we study the way people move through and interact with their environments, we are devoted students of the human condition - all in effort to enhance the built-spaces within our community. Quite simply: We Are Placemakers.

We are passionate about Seattle and our neighborhoods and are pleased to offer pro bono design services for those interested in hosting Seattle parklets. Contact us if you're have a need for feasibility studies, visioning/concept development, branding and/or architectural and interior design services.

VIA Architecture
Community Design Studio

VIA's Community Design Studio is designed to serve small-scale, community-focused projects that have not been traditionally taken on by architecture firms. VIA has built its reputation on integrated architectural design and community planning over a period of 30+ years. We have long served community groups, non-profits, and other smaller clients with thoughtful, crafted responses to projects that are vital to the well-being of our communities, including the Uptown parklet, one of Seattle's first parklet projects.

Pro-bono services offered: early design options, including site plans and 3D modeling

Reduced-fee services offered: construction drawings and construction support


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