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Motorcycle & Scooter Parking in Seattle

Motorcycles are eligible to park in any parking space that a passenger car is allowed to park in. This includes paid parking spaces (meter or pay station), spaces with time-limit restrictions, and spaces that are unrestricted (but still subject to the citywide 72-hour on-street time limit). In Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs), motorcycle and scooter users may park without an RPZ permit.

More than one motorcycle may occupy a parking space as long as there is sufficient space and all parking regulations are observed. The City has also designated more than 100 parking spaces around the city for the exclusive use of motorcycles and scooters. See below for a map of these designated spaces. Motorcycles must obey posted regulations on the block where they park, even in designated spaces.

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 to open this map in a new window.

Some Places Motorcycles May Not Park

All regular parking regulations apply to motorcycles. Motorcycles may not park in front of fire hydrants, within 5 feet of a driveway, in Tow-Away Zones, in load zones, etc.

Motorcycles may not park:

  • In spaces in front of or behind striped parking spaces (as these spaces typically provide maneuvering room that passenger cars need to enter and exit an adjacent striped space)
  • Along curb bulbs or indentions,
  • In alleys
  • On the sidewalk

Motorcycles in Paid Parking Areas

If a parking space is controlled by a pay station, motorcyclists must purchase a receipt at a pay station and properly display it on the headlamp, or use PayByPhone to pay by license plate number through the app or over the phone. No receipt is required if you have used PayByPhone; parking enforcement officers have access to electronic records that you have paid.

If you use the pay station, we recommend that you pay with a debit/credit card if possible, so you will have proof of your transaction, and write "motorcycle" and/or your license plate number on the parking receipt, to mitigate the risk of your receipt being taken.

For more information on parking motorcycles in the City of Seattle, contact Becky Edmonds at (206) 684-5104 or

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