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Link light rail station neighborhood parking plans: Stadium & Sodo

Updated July 2011

LINK light rail trains started running through SODO and Stadium stations in July 2009.  

SDOT has analyzed parking data from before and after light rail service started, and has determined that light rail service has not significantly impacted the availability of on-street parking near SODO and Stadium stations. At this point, SDOT does not recommend moving forward with a restricted parking zone (RPZ). For more information, take a look at this handout.

We would like to hear from business and property owners to meet any loading zone needs or short-term (2-hour) time limit needs that will support customer access.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Ruth Harper at (206) 684-4103 or


mailer inviting public input was sent to all addresses within ½ mile of the Stadium and Sodo station areas in December 2008.
In 2008 and 2009, staff attended the following community meetings to talk more about potential parking changes:

  • Rotary Club of SODO in August 2009
  • Duwamish TMA in June 2009
  • SDOT Open House at Starbuck’s Mezza Café in Jan 2009
  • Duwamish TMA in August 2008

Parking Use Data

2010 Light Rail Station Area Parking Study – SDOT conducted a study in the fall of 2010 to see whether parking use has changed near the station areas.

Throughout fall 2008, SDOT collected information about utilization, which is how many cars are parked on the streets around the light rail stations. This information, summarized in the 2008 Link Station Area Parking Study, is being used two ways: to help design proposals to manage on-street parking and to create a baseline that on-street parking conditions can be compared to in the future.

Click here for a zoning map of the Stadium station area



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