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Mercer West: Project Archive

West Mercer Place

West Mercer Place West Mercer Place Map

The Mercer West Project Team completed evaluation and public outreach regarding options to improve traffic operations and pedestrian and bicycle connections on W Mercer Pl near Elliott Ave W.  The purpose of the evaluation was to determine if improvements are justified, based on the potential benefit (reduction in delay or travel times) and the estimated costs and impacts of such improvements. 

The Mercer West Team presented the alternatives and evaluation results at an Open House on March 15, 2011 and presented the evaluation to community organizations and other stakeholders in March and April to gather feedback on the alternatives and evaluation.  (see March-April 2011 entry in Project Updates Archive


The recommendations for West Mercer Place are based on the evaluation of traffic benefits, costs and impacts of the alternatives and the comments received from stakeholders and community members.  Recommendations are summarized by area of concern raised prior to and during the public comment period.

  1. Traffic operations
  • Extend the double left-turn lanes on Elliott Ave W
  • No change to the existing merge/traffic lanes on W Mercer Pl at this time
  • Continue to monitor traffic operations and make adjustments, if needed, on Elliott Ave W, Nickerson St, and Mercer St through Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement and central waterfront (Alaskan Way and seawall) construction.  
  1. Pedestrian and Bicycle Connection
  • Support Parks Dept/FOLKPark effort to fund a pathway through the park to connect Uptown to Elliott Avenue West, by identifying grant and other funding opportunities.
  • Construct a sidewalk on the southwest side of W Mercer Pl after waterfront construction is complete and once funding is available.
  1. Pedestrian crossings on W Mercer St
  • Enhance the pedestrian crossing at Fourth Ave W or Fifth Ave W by constructing curb bulbs or a pedestrian refuge island.
  • Work with King County Metro to identify the appropriate stop locations for Rapid Ride and local bus service.

June 21, 2012

New reports available online:

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