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Mercer Corridor Project Milestones


Additional Completed Milestones

November 2014: Opened third eastbound lane on Mercer St. between 5th Ave. N and 9th Ave. N, and opened two new left turn lanes from westbound Mercer St. onto southbound 5th Ave. N.

June 2014: Opened Mercer St. between 1st Ave. N and 9th Ave. N; Roy St. between Queen Anne Ave. N and 5th Ave. N; and Queen Anne Ave. N between Roy and Mercer streets to two-way traffic. Closed Broad St. between 9th Ave. N and 5th Ave. N to accommodate the widening of Mercer St.

December 2013: Completed demolition of the western half of the SR99 bridge over Mercer St.

September 2013: Fully re-opened Westlake Ave. N, Valley St. 9th Ave. N and Broad St. to traffic, marking the end of major roadway closures associated with the East Phase of the Mercer Corridor Project.

May 2013: Completed demolition of the eastern half of the SR99 bridge over Mercer St.

April 2013: Construction began on Mercer West, between Dexter Ave. N and 5th Ave. W. SDOT and WSDOT created a construction schedule and map showing the timing and interaction of construction for the Mercer Corridor project and the North Portal of the SR 99 Tunnel.

March 2013: Fully re-opened traffic on Fairview Ave. N, transitioned to Stage 4 of Mercer East construction

August 2012: Opened Mercer St. to two-way traffic between I-5 and Dexter Ave. N., transitioned to Stage 3 of Mercer East construction

January 2012: Completed new lanes of Mercer St. and switched traffic, transitioned to Stage 2 of Mercer East construction

June 2011: 9th Ave. N converted to underground power, new gas line installed

May 2011: Completed replacement of 9th Ave. N sewer and associated side sewers

September 2010: Groundbreaking ceremony held at Mercer St. and Westlake Ave. N

July 2010: Completed building demolition and construction site prep north of Mercer St.

June 2010: Awarded construction contract to local contractor Gary Merlino Construction Company

March 2010: Began building demolition and construction site preparation north of Mercer St.

February 2010: Received a $30 million federal Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant

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