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The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle

Levy to Move Seattle

New! 2016 Levy to Move Seattle Annual Report

Approved by voters in November 2015, the 9-year, $930 million Levy to Move Seattle provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city.

The levy provides roughly 30% of the City’s transportation budget and replaces the 9-year, $365 Bridging the Gap levy approved by voters in 2006.

The levy aims to take care of the basics, while also investing in the future with improvements to move more people and goods in and around a growing Seattle.
An oversight committee made up of Seattle residents, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, will monitor levy expenses and revenues, review program and project priorities, and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on how to spend levy proceeds.


In March 2015, Mayor Ed Murray introduced Move Seattle, his ten-year transportation vision that integrates our plans for transit, walking, biking, and freight. Move Seattle will help us meet current demands while working toward future needs as Seattle continues to grow. Move Seattle envisions a transportation system that contributes to a safe, interconnected, vibrant, affordable, and innovative city.

In March and April 2015, we reached out to communities across Seattle to get input on the draft proposal. In response to community feedback, we revised the proposal before submitting it to the Seattle City Council in May. After briefing the council’s Select Committee on Transportation Funding in May and June, the Committee voted on several amendments, and voted to recommend the full council approve the package.

The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle replaces the voter-approved, nine-year levy transportation levy passed by voters in 2006, known as Bridging the Gap.

Click here to view a web map of Bridging the Gap accomplishments.


The $930 million levy will be paid for through a property tax that will cost the median Seattle household (valued at $450,000) about $275 per year, for nine years. The Bridging the Gap levy that expired cost the median Seattle household about $130 per year.


Contact Elliot Helmbrecht, Levy Outreach & Accountability Manager, at or (206) 615-1235

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