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Landscape Architecture & Natural Systems

As a member of the City of Seattle Natural Systems Program Design Team, Seattle Department of Transportation Senior Landscape Architect Shane DeWald balances the disciplines of art, science and engineering in her design work on Natural Systems Projects.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary team that combines the talent of staff from both Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Transportation, the Natural Systems Program provides a direct response to the need for protection and restoration fish habitat in Seattle's urban streams while providing neighborhoods with safe and efficient transportation facilities. As sponsor for a series of pilot projects to demonstrate options and measure outcomes, the Natural Systems Program under the leadership of Denise Andrews in Seattle Public Utilities has generated the interest of a national and even global audience.

What is a Natural System?... Or a Natural Systems Project?
Many things to many people!

  • A Natural System is an investment in the future that combines the public and private interests and resources to maximize -for public benefit-- the drainage function of the right-of-way. A healthy street tree is a Natural System in its most simplistic form!
  • A Natural Systems Project creatively applies engineering with soil science and landscape architectural design principles to enhance transportation and environmental functions in a manner designed to add value to the neighborhood and promote the physical and social health of those who live there.

More than a system or a single project to implement it, the Natural Systems Program provides an overall framework to design, build, and manage the public and private investment in innovative projects and management tools to achieve sustainable benefits for the long term. As projects continue to be designed and constructed, the program has developed management tools including a "Homeowner's Manual" to guide adjacent property owners in their work to maintain plantings along their street front.

This Presentation provides a general background for the development of the Program and various projects, specific information from the projects already constructed or currently in design to be constructed in the City of Seattle.

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