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E Duwamish Waterway Bridge Rehabilitation Project



This project has been successfully completed.  Thank you for your patience during the construction. This project was funded by Bridging the Gap, a voter-approved $365 million dollar levy for transportation maintenance and improvements.

Project Description

The East Duwamish Waterway Bridge crosses the East Duwamish Waterway on SW Spokane Street. From I-5 and downtown Seattle, it serves the West Seattle communities, Harbor Island, and Port of Seattle Terminals 5 and 18.

Since the East Duwamish Waterway Bridge’s construction in the mid-1970s, traffic has increased significantly, especially the number of heavily loaded trucks. Due to age and increased traffic volumes, the bridge has deteriorated, and needs to be rehabilitated to extend its service life and to reduce frequency of major maintenance and repair.

Area Map

Improvements include:

  • Correcting structural deficiencies
  • Replacing the existing asphalt surface with a four-inch thick concrete slab
  • Replacing the expansion joints
  • Repairing potholes and cracks in concrete

Project Benefits

Improves safety
Creates a stronger, more durable bridge to serve today’s traffic conditions.

Keeps freight moving
A stronger bridge improves the load-carrying capacity of this vital freight link to and from the Port of Seattle. A more durable concrete deck will significantly reduce the frequency of major repairs and associated traffic disruptions.

Protects an important asset
Extends the bridge’s useful life by decades.

Reduces the City’s maintenance backlog
Contributes to the improvement of Seattle’s transportation system, and reduces maintenance requirements.


Project Timeline

Fall 2007
Design begins
Evaluate design alternatives

Early 2008
Determine preferred alternative
Complete environmental assessment
60% design complete

Summer 2008
90% design complete

Spring 2009
Construction begins (March 2009)
Partial lane closures begin (early April 2009)

Early 2010
Construction complete (February 2010)

Construction Information

Our goal is to minimize the impact to traffic and to keep freight moving to and from the Port of Seattle. The bridge will remain open to traffic throughout the construction period, with two westbound lanes and one eastbound lane remaining open. Occasional nighttime and/or weekend closure of the bridge, if any, will be kept to a minimum.

Environmental Issues

Construction activities are expected to occur from the bridge deck. Crews will employ best management practices to control dust from drilling and asphalt removal and to capture any concrete or chemicals from spilling into the Duwamish River. This project will be reviewed under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Project Funding

This project is funded by Bridging the Gap, a voter-approved $365 million dollar levy for transportation maintenance and improvements.

Over the next nine years, Bridging the Gap will address the City’s mounting transportation problems and create a strong foundation for Seattle’s transportation future by reducing the infrastructure backlog and investing in major transportation projects.

Want to Learn More?

The design team will balance the impacts of construction while achieving the project’s goal of providing a safe and functional bridge. SDOT will work closely with the community to share project information, answer questions, and address concerns.

For the latest news and information, or to request a project briefing, contact:

Kit Loo
Project Manager
(206) 684-3669

Maribel Cruz
Project Communications
(206) 684-7963


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