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Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

Last updated: April 2012

The 2007 Seattle Bicycle Master Plan defines a set of actions, to be completed within 10 years, to make Seattle the best community for bicycling in the United States. By increasing support for bicycling, the city will make its transportation system more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. The Plan is a visionary, yet practical, action strategy to create a Bicycle Facility Network and develop the supporting facilities and programs necessary to make bicycling a viable choice for a wide variety of trips. Improving the convenience and safety of bicycling in the city will provide cost-effective, healthy, and convenient transportation for residents who bicycle. It will also increase social interaction on streets, offer alternatives to driving on congested roadways, and reduce pollution—public benefits that will make Seattle an even better place to live. In 2012, SDOT is updating the plan. Make sure to provide input! Click on the links below to read the current one.

Read our 2012 Bicycle Progress Report to learn more about efforts to encourage more people to bike

Read The Full Bike Master Plan Here:

Download the full master plan document:

Bicycle Master Plan

For an overview of what is proposed in the plan, look at the recommended facility maps:

North Seattle Map
South Seattle Map


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