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2012 Transportation Action Agenda—Laying the Groundwork

click to view reportUpdate: Transportation Action Agenda Progress Report

Released in March 2012, the Transportation Action Agenda outlined policies, actions and performance measures for SDOT over a two-year period. Organized around the same five core principles, the Progress Report provides an update on SDOT’s work to meet its Action Agenda commitments. It also offers an opportunity to highlight additional activities added to SDOT’s portfolio since the release of the original Action Agenda.

Click here to read the full Progress Report.


In Seattle, we want people of all abilities – from our 5-year old kids to our 80-year old grandparents – to be comfortable moving about the city, whether on foot, by bike, riding transit, or driving a car. By offering people more choices, we can decrease the demand on our streets and reduce our impact on the environment. In doing so, we can build a network that supports healthy and sustainable communities, keeps more money in people’s pockets, increases economic competitiveness, and adds to the character of our great city.

We created the 2012 Transportation Action Agenda to outline policies, actions, and measures of success that SDOT will use to achieve these ends over the next two years. It is organized around five core principles:

1. Keeping it Safe: Safety is SDOT’s number one priority. We are committed to improving safety for all users of the transportation system and reducing the number of fatalities and injuries.

2. Focusing on the Basics: Making sure our streets, sidewalks, and bridges are in good condition is vital to the success and safety of our city. We’re focused on maintaining and enhancing infrastructure in a way that promotes long-term fiscal and environmental stewardship.

3. Building Healthy Communities: Neighborhoods are the core of our city. SDOT is dedicated to developing an equitable transportation system that offers healthy travel choices and great public spaces.

4. Supporting a Thriving Economy: The efficient movement of people and goods is essential to economic vitality. A robust transportation network can reduce household transportation costs by providing efficient and practical alternatives to driving, enhance our quality of life, and draw new businesses and visitors to our city.

5. Providing Great Service: A solid workforce is essential to carrying out the first four principles. We strive to be good financial stewards, deliver services equitably, and engage all parts of the community in our work.

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