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Warning Signs

The SDOT Pedestrian Program gets many requests for warning signs to raise driver awareness of the presence of pedestrians. Engineering guidelines, as well as commonsense principles, caution against the overuse of signs. A warning sign is useful if it warns drivers of something that is both otherwise unexpected and consistently occurring. In general, better driver awareness of pedestrians will be not achieved through the placement of generic warning signs, but by making sure drivers and pedestrians can see each other and be seen.

One warning sign SDOT does employ, on a temporary basis, is the 'Stop For Me, It's the Law' sign. The signs seek to raise driver awareness of the fact that they are required by law to stop for pedestrians crossing in a legal crosswalk, be it marked or unmarked. These signs are placed anywhere drivers need this message. They stay up for a minimum of six months, but rotate to another site once drivers get accustomed to seeing them.

Please e-mail or call the Pedestrian Program at 206-684-7583 to suggest a location.
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