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Crossing Improvements

Safe and convenient roadway crossings are essential to a successful pedestrian network. The Pedestrian Program utilizes a variety of pedestrian crossing improvements to enhance safety and encourage more walking. Choose from the links below for more information about some of our more common crossing improvements options.

Marked Crosswalks
Lane Rechannelization
Curb Bulbs
Warning Signs

Traffic signals also play an important role in enabling safe pedestrian crossings in many locations. Click here for additional information about SDOT’s Traffic Signal Program page.

SDOT also installs traffic calming measures that seek to reduce accidents and speeds on residential streets. While measures such as traffic circles, speed bumps, and the speed watch program are not crossing improvements, they do contribute to a safer neighborhood environment for pedestrians. Click here for additional information abut SDOT’s Neighborhood Traffic Control program.

Please click here for the Planned Construction Map

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