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Bridging the Gap — Building a foundation that lasts

Updated June 20, 2016

Learn about the proposed Transportation Levy to Move Seattle

BTG Oversight Committee Letter 2015

2015 Annual Report online


In 2006, Seattle voters passed a nine-year, $365 million levy for transportation maintenance and improvements known as Bridging the Gap. The levy is complemented by a commercial parking tax.

The levy funds programs to address the maintenance backlog for paving; sidewalk development and repairs; bridge repair, rehabilitation and seismic upgrades; tree pruning and planting; transit enhancements; and other much needed maintenance work. Funding also supports projects that implement the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plans, create a Safe Routes to School Program, improve transit connections and help neighborhoods get larger projects built through the Neighborhood Street Fund large project program.

Over nine-years Bridging the Gap will help address the City's transportation challenges and create a strong foundation for Seattle's transportation future.

The nine-year goals of Bridging the Gap are to:

  • Reduce the infrastructure maintenance backlog.
  • Pave and repair Seattle streets.
  • Make seismic upgrades to our most vulnerable bridges.
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and create safe routes to schools.
  • Increase transit speed and reliability.

Over nine years the Seattle Department of Transportation will: (through 2014)

  • Resurface, restore, or replace approximately 200 lane-miles of arterial streets.
    • 225 lane miles paved
  • Rehabilitate or replace 3-5 bridges and seismically retrofit 5 additional bridges.
    • 6 bridges rehabilitated
    • 5 bridges seismically retrofitted
  • Repair or restore 144 blocks of sidewalks.
    • 193 blocks repaired
  • Build 117 blocks of new sidewalks.
    • 110 new blocks constructed
  • Rehabilitate 40-50 stairways.
    • 40 stairways rehabilitated
  • Restripe 5,000 crosswalks.
    • 5,200 crosswalks restriped
  • Create "safe routes to schools" near 30 elementary schools.
    • 48 “safe routes to schools” created
  • Support the development and implementation of a Pedestrian Master Plan.
    • Pedestrian Master Plan complete and being implemented
  • Provide funding to implement the Bicycle Master Plan.
    • Bicycle Master Plan updated and being implemented
  • Add 4 miles of new multi-use paths.
    • 4 miles of trail completed
  • Replace over 50,000 small, faded street and regulatory signs.
    • 90,000 signs replaced
  • Provide funding for neighborhood-identified street improvements.
    • 30 neighborhood projects have been completed
  • Secure up to 45,000 hours of new Metro Transit service.
    • 50,000 hours have been secured
  • Enhance transit and safety improvements on 3 key transit corridors.
    • West Seattle, Ballard and Aurora have been completed
  • Prune 25,000 street trees to prevent safety and security hazards.
    • 26,000 trees have been pruned
  • Fund 3 major capital improvement projects: Spokane Street Viaduct, Mercer Street Corridor, and King Street Station.

Bridging the Gap is an opportunity for SDOT to improve Seattle's transportation system for all users with realistic and achievable goals and objectives with built-in systems of accountability.

For more information about Bridging the Gap please contact Krista Bunch, 206-684-3967,

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