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23rd Ave E Vision Zero Project

Enhancing safety and mobility

October 16, 2017

Central Distric Bus photo

What's happening now

We're enhancing safety and mobility on 23rd/24th Ave E between E John St and E Roanoke St as soon as 2018 as part of our Vision Zero goal to reach zero traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

We released the preliminary design in early October and want to know what you think. Read on to learn about the proposed changes and opportunities to share your feedback.

You're Invited
Join us at a drop-in session to learn more about the transportation investments being made in your neighborhood. You'll have the opportunity to review the preliminary design and share your feedback with the project team.

Thursday, October 19, 2017
5:30-7:00 PM (drop in any time)
Montlake Community Center
1618 E Calhoun St, Seattle

Sign up on our project listserv to receive project updates and learn about future public involvement opportunities. Interested in learning about transportation improvements happening on the southern end of 23rd Ave E? Visit the project web site.

Project Overview

We launched the 23rd Ave E Vision Zero Project to enhance safety and mobility on 23rd Ave E and 24th Ave E between E John Street and E Roanoke Street. Vision Zero is our plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on City streets by 2030.

In the last three years, there have been 134 total collisions on this portion of the corridor. These crashes caused 63 injuries to people walking, biking and driving. There has been one fatal collision on this street in the last decade. This important street provides access to the Montlake neighborhood, SR 520, the Montlake Bridge crossing into north Seattle and is a vital street for transit.

The 23rd Ave corridor is currently four to five lanes with peak hour parking restrictions in some locations. There is a significant curve in the road where 23rd Ave E meets Turner Way and becomes 24th Ave E. A steep hill south of Boyer Ave E contributes to people driving faster than the posted speed limit.

People are traveling at speeds higher than 40 mph, where the posted speed limit is 30 mph.

Lower speeds allow extra time and distance for drivers to recognize people in the street and bring their vehicle to a stop.

We heard from the Montlake community that traffic calming, reducing speeds, and pedestrian safety are the top transportation priorities on 23rd/24th Ave E. We used data and public input to develop the preliminary design below.

Design Map

Project design map

E John St to Boyer Ave E

E John St to Boyer Ave E

We're proposing to reduce the number of lanes from four to three, where traffic speeds are the highest between E John St and Boyer Ave E as soon as 2018. We've implemented these changes in other parts of the City and have seen positive results in reducing crashes and vehicles following the posted speed limit.

Redesigning a portion of the street can help reduce speeds and providing a turning lane means less back-up at intersections, or when accessing homes and businesses. The proposed design maintains efficient bus service along the street.

Boyer Ave E to E Roanoke St

Boyer Ave E to E Roanoke St

Where traffic volumes are high and more likely to be impacted by SR 520 construction, we are maintaining four lanes. We can evaluate changing this in the future. This area also includes the Montlake business district and we heard that maintaining on-street parking is important.

We're planning to repair cracked or worn sidewalks and pavement, make improvements to existing transit stops, and install new curb ramps throughout the entire project area. These changes would happen in 2019/2020.

Other projects in the neighborhood:

We're partnering with the WA State Department of Transportation to deliver Neighborhood Traffic Management Projects related to SR 520 construction.


Summer 2017: Share what we heard to date and suggest possible near-and long-term alternatives
Fall 2017:
 Share conceptual design of near-term and long-term safety improvements
 Construction of short-term safety improvements (E John St to Boyer Ave E)
 Implement corridor-wide improvements (E John St to E Roanoke St)


These projects are funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. 




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We are committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions.

Jim Curtin, Project Manager
(206) 684-8874 |

Dawn Schellenberg, Community Engagement Liaison
(206) 684-5189 |

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